Are you ready for some Guild Ball?!? Update 3

More progress… I’d like to be finished by Sunday for “Spring Training” at Gaming, Etc., but I don’t think it’s going to happen unless I get super-inspired to paint (I haven’t been this week).  I have been making bits of progress here and there, though.


Marbles is finished.

20160517_205747  20160517_205845

Honour and Harmony have some skin.

20160517_205828   20160517_205802

Raccoon brothers


I now have this picture in my head of Chisel as “evil Mocha.”



Are you ready for some Guild Ball?!? Update 2

Getting a few colors on the team.  Ball and Goal are finished.

20160509_191044 20160509_191108 20160509_191118 20160509_191132 20160509_191141 20160509_191201 20160509_191225


I like how Chisel is shaping up.  She’s looking like “creepy Asian girl.”  Fitting with abilities like “Crazy” and “Sadism.”

Mallet looks like Chuck Norris.

Marbles (the baboon) is standing on a face.


Statue of an Umbrean Hero

I created this statue as an objective marker for Khador.  The mini is from Bombshell Miniatures.  Another guy who plays near me has some Bones minis he painted up in a similar way, but his came out a little nicer.  I’m calling her an Umbrean hero since from what little I know about the lore, that’s a region that used to be independent and has a lot of ancient lore.  This lady looks primitive compared to “modern” Khadorians.  Even though this is from Bombshell Miniatures, I could see her fitting right in with the Privateer Minis.

DSC06668 DSC06671

2015 Year in Summary

Here is everything I painted in 2015 (minus 4 exchange minis, Dana Murphy and my ReaperCon diorama).  There are also 9 1’x1′ city tiles that were painted and not shown.  I may have missed a few others, but the bulk are here.  By my count, that is 84 miniatures, 3 complex painted pieces of scenery, 27 pieces of simply-painted scenery, one bit of scratch-built scenery and one scratch-built diorama (2 minis on the diorama are also counted in the miniatures).  57 from Privateer Press (most are tabletop level army-painted units), 11 Relic Knights (including 3 non-SPM as proxies), 10 Reaper Minis, 2 Stonehaven, 1 Tin Man Minis, 1 Hasslefree, 1 Infinity, 1 Dark Sword


Including the Warmachine miniatures I assembled, primed and [usually] gave an identifying color to.  +58ish