Privateer Press Trenches

Fairly quick job on some winter-themed trenches.


Etheric Vortex: Gloomtide Shipwreck

A fairly pretentious name for a nice-looking, but mundane model. I saw this on the New Products rack at Hobby Bunker and decided to pick it up.  Once I eventually get enough Cryx painted up for an army, it will be a nice bit of terrain for them.  It was a fairly simple paint job, mostly lots of dry-brushing.  I tried to use lots of desaturated browns, as old wood tends to look almost gray.  I also got to use the verdegris paint for the bronze bits.


02815: Pillar of Good

I’ve built up quite a large collection of half-done miniatures so I’m trying to knock out a bunch of them.  I think I started this over 2 years ago, although all I did was a wash over white.  I went back to white and started over, but didn’t spend that much time – a wash, then drybrush stone colors over it.  (should have done a stone base coat instead of white).  Then a little bit of colors with the flower and done.