Wilds of Wintertide terrain

3 3D-printed pieces of terrain from EC3D’s Wilds of Wintertide set.  All were printed on a Flashforge Adventurer 3 / Monoprice Voxel

Ice Rock

Snowy Ruined Tower

Ice Totem

Winter Hill

Painted back in June-ish timeframe.  Resin terrain from Broken Egg Games that your minis can stand on without tipping over.  Sorscha1 included for scale

3D Printed Pillboxes

I printed up some Warmachine-style terrain on my new 3D printer, one for myself and a few for my local game store.

This one is pretty dark and drab.  Primed with 50/50 Metallic and Black Primer.  Grey parts first covered with cheap craft paint, then tinted with miniature paints.  Printed with PLA on “High” resolution – .12mm layers.

These ones were primed with just Metallic Primer, the grey is a different color of craft paint, and the bottom is red/blue miniature paint.  The red one was printed with PLA at “Hyper” resolution – .05mm layers, and the blue one with ABS at High, but with a thin coat of gap-filling resin over most of it.

Etheric Vortex: Gloomtide Shipwreck

A fairly pretentious name for a nice-looking, but mundane model. I saw this on the New Products rack at Hobby Bunker and decided to pick it up.  Once I eventually get enough Cryx painted up for an army, it will be a nice bit of terrain for them.  It was a fairly simple paint job, mostly lots of dry-brushing.  I tried to use lots of desaturated browns, as old wood tends to look almost gray.  I also got to use the verdegris paint for the bronze bits.