Hilariously bad counterfeit Cygnar Heavy

Not a paint job… or even a “miniature”

A friend recently took a trip to Southeast Asia, saw this in a store and picked it up for me.  It’s a stupid cheap robot toy for kids.  Blatant ripoff of PP’s IP.  They also have a Khador ‘jack and GW Terminator mixed in there.  Probably the rest in the series are just IP I don’t recognize.  I love the complete inattention to detail, including the grooves where the boiler should be (the grooves are probably there to help the glue have something to grab).  It’s bigger than the real thing, but bulgy and the proportions are weirdly stretched.  Also, the paint job’s pretty bad, but not too bad considering how cheap a toy it is.

The real Ironclad is like “WTF?”


ReaperCon Status Report

ReaperCon ’16 was just as amazing as always.  The best part is always hanging out with everyone – I got to see Mocha, nyteflyer (sic?), Paul, SGHawkins, leopardpixie and so many others.  I took a bunch of great classes – Painting Difficult Colors with Jen Greenwald; Painting Expressive Faces with Derek Schubert; Fur, Feathers and Scales with Derek Schubert; Dirty and Distressed with Greg Zuniga, and Airbrush Finishing Techniques with Caleb from CK Studios.  I entered a few minis into the contest; Chisel won a Bronze in Painters (expected), and Lug won a Silver in Ordinance (not expected).  I managed to control myself, and only purchased 4 miniatures – which means I came home with 31 between freebies and melt.  I got a new airbrush from Badger, so expect to hear more about that soon, and a new backdrop from Hanger 18.  A few extra paints and some other misc stuff.

So about ReaperCon…

Since last ReaperCon, I’ve focused mostly on improving the speed at which I can paint figures to a tabletop standard, and I’ve mostly been painting miniatures at that level.  Last ReaperCon (18 months ago) my plan was to paint something just for ReaperCon, at the highest quality I could do.  While that’s still a noble goal, and the probably the best way to judge my maximum skill level, I just don’t see myself having fun doing that, and having fun is the entire point of painting for me.  That means I’m not planning on finishing that elf bust in the next month.  I’m still planning to bring something to ReaperCon, but I won’t be aiming for a Silver.  I’m unsure of which minis I should bring, but everything I’ve painted at tabletop level has some definite shortcuts that will lose me big points with the judges (one of the things I learned from previous years is that your mini must be consistently high quality, not just high quality in one or two areas and decent elsewhere).  So I’ll just grab 2-3 minis where I think I did a consistently decent job and submit those.  Honestly, I think the best minis I painted since ReaperCon were exchange minis that are now in someone else’s hands.  Because I’ve been painting lots of Warmahordes, I will probably bring a few of those.

Gobber Tinker

A 1-point mercenary solo I’ll be throwing into the occasional Khador list, when I’m a point short.  He repairs jacks.

I painted up the miniature fairly quickly (I’m taking this week off work, so I had plenty of time to work on him today), but it was a surprisingly fun sculpt.  I think he’s got a lot of character, with that hat, tools tucked everywhere and the cigar.  I got to use lots of different metallic paints, and I also tried out VMC Dried Rust effects.  I’m kinda meh on it, but it’s definitely better than trying to do it with regular paints.

DSC06560 DSC06561 DSC06566 DSC06568

Warmachine Solos

Koldun Kapitan Valachev

Iron Fang Kovnik

Thrall Warrior

20151127_122526 20151127_122559

Not super awesome, but I am pleased with the cost/reward ratio on these guys.  I might go back and redo some of my other Khador guys after I finish doing new purchases to this level.

Unless I decide to start buying Legion as well, in which case I will just be drowning in models.

Tectonic Craft Studios Objective Marker (Noh) – Update 1

I got a second objective marker to match the first for my Relic Knights Noh faction.  I did some touch-up on the first where paint had chipped.  I also got a flamey portal thingy, but it was cut poorly (he gave me a discount, but I should have just waited to get a properly cut one) so I’m still working on extracting it from its sheet of MDF.