Culture Club painted by Mocha Minis

I commissioned Mocha Minis to paint “Culture Club” by Soda Pop Miniatures (Ninja Division) with a base from Wyrd Miniatures.  I love how smooth Mocha’s blends are, and was excited to see her freehand – this mini almost demands it!

Reminder to self: dust the miniature better before taking extreme closeups!

Her website (which includes commission info):

She streams on Twitch!  Watch if you like giggles:

ReaperCon Painting Contest Pics

Pictures I took of entries from the painting contest.  These entries inspired me in one way or another – either because they are beautifully done, have an interesting idea or theme, or are related to miniatures that I want to paint.

Link to MSP Open 2019 contest, which contains pictures of all the entries:


ReaperCon 2019


12 minis + 3 other mini-like things (mimic, airplane, tiny raptor)
31 paints
small set of dice
wooden d20
paint water cup
bags, notebooks and pen
stickers and posters



The hotel had cool room keys

My Raging Heroes Sorscha Kratikoff conversion won a Silver in Painter’s division.  Torch won a Silver in Ordinance Division.

Pics of the Con.  The hotel was Embassy Suites in Denton, TX.  Very nice convention center.

I love that we needed to clarify this:

My badge after all the ribbons were affixed.  I did not go ribbon hunting, but I didn’t refuse them either.

Didn’t take too many photos of friends/artists, but here are Mocha and Anne Foerster

Some Bones V previews that were on display

ReaperCon Painting Contest Pics

An extremely cute dragon made by a table friend

77044: Turanil, Male Elf Paladin

I offered to paint up some RPG characters for a random person at my FLGS.  I only got one suggestion, a half-elf paladin with a green knight vibe.  Turanil here was a great candidate, and he got painted up over the course of last weekend.  MSP Grass Green, up through Reaper NPP Poison Green and MSP Alien Goo for the highlights.  Used Violet Shadow for color contrast in the shadows.  NMM because I was feeling like it (Reaper’s Gold NMM Triad for the golds, various blues for the steel).

Painting Goals 2018/2019

In 2018, I was part of the Warmachine Painting Group’s Point-a-Day challenge (on Facebook).  As a result, I painted up over 4 armies worth of minis over the course of 2018! (2018 Miniatures) Unfortunately, I didn’t get as many non-Privateer Press miniatures painted up.  So for 2019, I’m still going for the Point-a-Day challenge, but it will be points according to my own system.  So the goal is to paint 30 points of models a month (plus extra random days) for at least 365 for the year.

  • Standard sized miniature, solo: 6 points
  • Unit of standard-sized miniatures (unit size 2-3): 4pt/each
  • Unit of standard-sized miniatures (unit size 4-5): 3pt/each
  • Unit of standard-sized miniatures (unit size 6-10): 2pt/each
  • Medium sized miniature (ie, would fit on a 40mm base): 10 points
  • Large miniature (ie, 50mm base): 15 points
  • Huge miniature (80mm or larger): 30 points

In addition, I have a goal of ending the year with fewer unpainted miniatures than when I started. According to my Google Spreadsheet, I have 998 unpainted miniatures.  Current 2019 delta: +0

Hilariously bad counterfeit Cygnar Heavy

Not a paint job… or even a “miniature”

A friend recently took a trip to Southeast Asia, saw this in a store and picked it up for me.  It’s a stupid cheap robot toy for kids.  Blatant ripoff of PP’s IP.  They also have a Khador ‘jack and GW Terminator mixed in there.  Probably the rest in the series are just IP I don’t recognize.  I love the complete inattention to detail, including the grooves where the boiler should be (the grooves are probably there to help the glue have something to grab).  It’s bigger than the real thing, but bulgy and the proportions are weirdly stretched.  Also, the paint job’s pretty bad, but not too bad considering how cheap a toy it is.

The real Ironclad is like “WTF?”