Directional Highlighting with Airbrush

I love how it looks when it’s black-and-white with just the directional highlighting from the airbrush.  Probably too much white on Fyanna, but it will probably get covered up by paint anyhow.  Herne and Jonne will get done with inks, so I’ve basically already done the highlighting and shading.  I’m not sure how I’ll tackle Brun and Lug yet, or even what kind of bear Lug should be.  Random Super Dungeon Explore Mushroom also showed up for the primer party.

20161122_205744 20161122_205749 20161122_205801 20161122_205810 20161122_205829 20161122_205839 20161122_205857 20161122_205908 20161122_205930 20161122_205946 20161122_205956

I also got some work done on minis for the next chapter of Curse of the Crimson Throne.  They should be done in time for their first appearance.


Reaper Bones 77110: Deathsleet

This is my first creature of this size, so I didn’t put tons of effort into making him look amazing.  I’m glad I chose the “tabletop” route, since he still took quite a bit of work.  I picked blue for… reasons.  The main one is that I already have a D&D prepaint of a huge white dragon.  I used the airbrush pretty extensively for the blue, including highlighting and shading.  The belly, claws and face details were the only things brushed on.  Deathsleet has a known problem with weak legs, so I pinned the end of his tail down.

I took Aaron Lovejoy’s Airbrush 101 class at ReaperCon, and he suggested using a “pop” color to keep the miniature from getting too boring – I chose a dark red which you can see on his wings and underneath some of his scales.

He was primed with RMS Blue Liner, then Badger Opaque Blue (this was too dark, and was covered with the next layer so there might not be any visible) then given a fairly solid RMS HD Dragon Blue coat (but purposely avoiding the deeper shadows), then a PP Glacier Blue highlight, with his head given extra layers of highlight to draw attention.  The chest scales are a thin coat of RMS Burnt Orange.  The claws and teeth are RMS HD Tusk Ivory, while the tongue is my favorite crazy color: VGC Warlord Purple.  The base is just coarse pumice paste mixed with VMC Ochre Brown.

DSC05505 DSC05511 DSC05513 DSC05516

DSC05523 DSC05526

Diamondback Mecha – Progress 2

The Diamond is going to be a long slog of edge highlighting, but I also made some progress on his axe.  I’m happy with how it looks so far, but it seems like it’s missing something.

DSC05235 DSC05238

That’s airbrush work, of course.  RMS Light Blue (the same as the other blue bits), then RMS Clear Blue and finally Reaper New Pro Paint Ocean Blue.

MAS Made For Infinity District 8 Garage

This bit of terrain was completed a while back – I’m reposting it here to easily reference it.  The first two images are from before I added all the posters.

This terrain involved heavy use of an airbrush to grime and lighting.

The holo-ad is also from MAS. The big bits of graffiti/advertisements are Made For Infinity decals from MAS. The small bits were printed out on 20lb paper and glued with thinned-down craft glue.

DSC04746 DSC04743 DSC04820 DSC04817 DSC04815 DSC04812 DSC04810