Lorenzo Cortez

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The Matte Varnish I’m using does weird things – it’s super-matte, but it looks a little bit grainy.

And then, of course, there’s this picture which look AWFUL.  Thank goodness it doesn’t look like that in hand.  I will need to experiment a bit to see if I can’t figure out how to get the super-matte properties without the grainy properties.


Lorenzo Cortez, Update 3

I decided that I would try to take “higher highlights, deeper shadows” to heart with Lorenzo – both blue and yellow parts are nominally complete.  The picture washes the colors out a little (and add a little glare), but it’s mostly accurate.

DSC05243 DSC05245

Colors used

DSC05247 DSC05248

Lorenzo Cortez, Update 2

My favorite part of painting is putting the first few colors on a miniatures, which is problematic since that encourages starting lots of things that never get completed. I gave into my baser impulses yesterday and started work on this guy, who has been waiting patiently in my drawer of shame, primed and ready to go.

Lorenzo Cortez, from Anima Tactics. He came in a box set with another figure I wanted that I couldn’t find sold separately (one of those ones that I want to wait to paint until I’m good enough to do her justice).

DSC05211 DSC05214

Check out this arm. I don’t know what the story is behind this guy, but I bet he has never lost an arm wrestling challenge since he got that thing attached.


MSP Soft Blue for his suit, VMC Ochre Brown for the collar-thingy, MSP Dark Skin, and MSP Clockwork Brass (washed with P3 Armor Wash, then highlighted with Clockwork Brass with some VMC Metallic Medium). MSP Pure Black for the shoes and undercoat on the arm. MSP Blue and Brown Liner as lining.

I’m going to try not to spend too much time on this guy. These pictures do a good job showing off the shadows thrown by the lights (I haven’t done any detailing except on the arm), and they look pretty straight-forward. Not too many fiddly-bits left now that I’ve decided to take the easy road with his arm.

New WIPs and progress on Project G

This is a weekend-update type post.  First off, I got a lot of good work done on Project G.  Only one bit completely naked (no base coat), and about half the detailing is done.  With luck I can finish him up this week – though it might be difficult to get in time during the week since I’ll be out on travel for a few days.

I started working on Darkspace Iron Chef from Relic Knights.  aka “Solid Snack”.


And also Lorenzo Cortez from Anima Tactics who has been sitting primer in my drawer of shame for quite a while now. I’m looking forward to using MSP Clockwork Brass on his arm.