Great Bears of Gallowswood

Kolsk, Volkov and Yarovich (in that order)

I was very happy with the red, until the matte sealer killed all the subtlety.  I could have spent half the time on it to end up like this.


Brun and Lug

Finally finished Brun and Lug!  I’m very happy with how they turned out.  The green backdrop always seems to ruin my pictures, so I might try taking pictures against the purple backdrop.

I’m thinking about making one or both a ReaperCon entry, so I might make some more updates (any suggestions would be welcome!).

Lord Kozlov, Viscount of Scarsgrad and Lesovik

Kozlov and his [unofficial] character jack, Lesovik.

Paint strategy was zenithal highlight, then red, orange, yellow inks, then red ink again (probably should have skipped that step).  Then Secret Weapon Ruby wash (okay, but not great for wide-open areas on Lesovik; great everywhere else).  Black everywhere that wasn’t red, then metals and black wash, then details.

77299: Female Antipaladin (Project M)

20160326_092909 20160326_092916 20160326_092933 20160326_092943

My partner (Pochi) requested a theme of “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” or “Something wicked this way comes.”  I think this bad girl could fit in either category.  It was fun to have a mini with so much skin to paint.  I feel guilty painting half-naked women, but I really do love painting skin.  I’ll be sending this off to Australia soon.