Breachstorm Proxies: Black Diamond and IMEF Troopers

Breachstorm ( is a new skirmish game a friend of my is making. I had a chance to play a short demo game, and I plan on playing a few more times before it hits Kickstarter, when I get a free Saturday. One of the factions (Homeworld Confederacy) is a somewhat generic space marine faction, so I decided to paint up a bunch of my dudes that were just sitting around. When the Kickstarter comes, I am most interested in the race of Lion dudes.

The original plan was to rely primarily on the airbrush, but I ended up throwing a wash and dry brushing medium grays, then edge highlighting in white gray. Still, didn’t take too much time.

Diamond Corps (Relic Knight, Black Diamond faction)
material: injection molded PVC plastic
I will use these guys as Homeworld Confederacy Riflemen and Fire Team Leader

Diamond Corps Medic (Relic Knight, Black Diamond faction)
material: spin-cast resin
The camera did not like the all-blue shot of just the shield and dramatically shifted the color. I would like to get a DSLR one day, but I don’t take $500+ worth of photos.
she doesn’t have a role in Breachstorm, but I wanted to paint up this model at the same time as the other Diamond Corps models

CSM Alex-117 (Relic Knight, Black Diamond faction)
material: spin-cast resin
He will play the role of Capt. Johan Lukas

IMEF: Reggie Van Zandt (Reaper Miniatures, Bones Chronoscope)
material: injection molded PVC plastic (Bones)
Reggie will be used as a Support Gunner for a Fire Team

One Shot & Fritz

Woo!  Finally done!  Lots of pictures here.  Overall I’m fairly pleased, but there was a lot that I just said “heck with it” in the name of finishing the model.  Unfortunately, Jessi’s pose (and where the pin ended up) kind of hides her, even though she’s probably the best painted part of the whole thing.  The gun is stolen from a Dust Tactics model because I thought she needed an upgrade if she was going to compete with the likes of Kasaro-To (the only other Relic I have assembled and painted).  Also pictured is Fritz, her cypher.

DSC06353 DSC06354 DSC06356 DSC06360 DSC06361  DSC06367 DSC06370 DSC06372 DSC06374 DSC06376 DSC06378

Sogarat Tempest Regiment / Relic Knights Codebreak Proxy

Codebreaker (and Slaved Cypher) won’t be out for a few months, but I wanted to get a head start playing with them, so I made a proxy out of an appropriately sized Infinity figure.  This is the Combined Army’s Sogarat Tempest Regiment with some minor modifications (axe removed, helmet horns removed).  The Slaved Cypher is a Reaper Bones familiar (from Bones Familiar Pack 2).

DSC06232 DSC06235

Most of the shading on Codebreaker was done with an airbrush, with edges and then a few details picked out.  There is lots of purple because Black Diamond uses purple (corruption) esper.  The purple/blue/red/orange coloring of the fibers is because Codebreaker also uses those colors.  I’m not sure that was the best choice of things to do with those fibers, but he was looking just a little too boring with only gray and purple.  The cypher was quickly shaded with an airbrush, then doused in a variety of different washes.  A few high points were picked out with green and blue (so he looks gross) then fluorescent green eyes were added.  He is not supposed to be a happy cypher.

HFA069 – Tomoko / Relic Knights Viper Proxy

I got Tomoko from Hasslefree Miniatures to use a proxy for a Viper in Relic Knights.  Tomoko is pretty obviously based on Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell, and that’s also what Viper is based on (though not nearly as closely).  Of course, I had to give her purple hair like Motoko.  It also turns out that Motoko’s clothing already matches my Black Diamond color scheme pretty well (neutral grays), though that is more of a happy coincidence than anything intentional.  I got Tomoko on Thursday and had her done (except for sealing) by Friday evening.  This is very close to my ideal – a good paint job fast.  You may notice that she has the SMG that comes with the resin Tomoko but I’ve used the metal tag – I ordered a sprue of the sci-fi SMG and did a weapon swap, and it’s a pretty fantastic job if I do say so myself.  I started by priming her with VMC German Gray, then airbrushed VMC Basalt Gray and RMS Rainy Gray for the initial shading.  I used glazes of RMS Black Wash to create the black clothing, and mixed a little white into Rainy Gray to create a lighter color gray for the bodysuit.  I picked out a few edges, laid down some subtle highlights and shadows on the clothing, then painted the skin with RMS Olive Skin triad.  The hair is RMS Carnival Purple with some of the Imperial Purple triad for highlights and shadows.

DSC06160 DSC06169 DSC06172 DSC06177

Still experimenting the the matte varnish.  I think that pushing it through the airbrush is just a bad idea.  I don’t mind how it looks in hand (super-matte, but “fuzzy”), but I think applying it with a brush I can avoid the fuzzy while keeping the majority of the matte-ness.

And the super-closeup of the face which makes it look bad.  (but not quite as bad as previous closeups – am I getting better or is the camera just out of focus?)


One Shot – Update 1

I have One Shot’s relic assembled and primed in German Gray.  I am getting a proxy for Codebreaker pretty soon, so I’ll do them at the same time – I am planning on painting them up in a very similar style to the Diamondback.  One Shot’s base (and Fritz’s) are painted.  Here’s the first couple of steps of Jessi.  I am not sure what to do with Fritz, except that I know he will have bright yellow eyes, like Vivi.

DSC06153 DSC06156 DSC06157

Suspect 7

Finally, all three Suspect 7 are complete.  I’m not sure why I got bogged down by this trio, though poor details on the minis were definitely a factor.  I hear they’re a great unit, so I’m looking forward to fielding them.

DSC05966 DSC05979