01407: Dana Murphy – Update 3

I will get Dana done for ReaperCon.  She’s pretty close to the point where I call her done, if I had to.  The big things over the weekend are attaching her to her plinth, blending the yellow shadows and highlighting the yellow and green.

DSC06138 DSC06141


01407: Dana Murphy – Update 2

Two areas of progress on Dana. First is highlighting the hair. I think I need to smooth the transitions between the highest brightest color and further down. Maybe also tighten up the brightest area? I’ve been trying to use sidebrushing, since her hair is well textured, but I’m having dual problems of slop in the crevices and not getting as much color on the raised areas as I want. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t start over and try to use the same technique I used with Yephima.

I also broadened and softened the shadows. I think the next steps here are straightforward: just blend them in a bit better.

DSC05858 DSC05859 DSC05863

01407: Dana Murphy – Update 1

I started this miniature back in August of last year, originally intending to enter her in several forum contests.  Well, that didn’t happen, except that there’s still time to finish her for ReaperCon.  She fits with this year’s theme (sci-fi), so I figure she’ll be a good entry.  I’m aiming for 3/3 judges to rate my entry as silver this year (last year was 2/3 silver).

I’ve finished up the base coats, using HD Deadrose Red and P3 Ordic Olive.  The device got basecoated black and white – I plan to add lots of brightly colored buttons.  I also started highlighting the hair, sidebrushing Muddy Brown, then a smaller area with a mix of Muddy Brown and Blond Shadow.

DSC05834 DSC05836