Marauder #2

Marauder with scratch-built arms.


Khador Gun Carriage – Update 3

I did a fair amount of painting with two long weekends in a row (even if I was sick for part of one of them).  So following will be a bunch of posts about what I accomplished.

Airbrushed the major colors onto the Gun Carriage.  Very dark reddish-brown for the undercoat, then directional white, followed by red ink.

20160601_205705 20160601_205709

Khador Gun Carriage – Update 2

Brave sons and daughters of the motherland, rejoice!  No longer will we be tied to unwieldy man-like constructs of metal and magic for waging war!  Behold, the nearly completed “armored box with guns and wheels!”

20160529_173615 20160529_173623 20160529_173641

Next steps are filling the gaps between the resin and styrene halves of the chassis and cleaning up some of the styrene rivets.  I may also put some “decorations” to fill in some of the empty areas.  They look kinda weird now, but I’ll also have options once I get it painted.  I might also either square up some corners on the resin or bevel them on the styrene so that the resin and styrene match.  It will depend on whether I think I can pull it off without ruining everything.  The sniper isn’t actually glued in there yet – he’ll be the only bit I assemble after painting.

Khador Gun Carriage – Update 1

The Gun Carriage has some cool rules, and I like some aspects of the model, but hate other aspects.  I suppose horse-drawn is appropriate for Khador, but feels like such a let-down vs well… all the other battle engines.  But you know what would be cool?  A TANK.  Certainly a concept that has been done before, and it won’t leave me with a tournament-legal model (not like I ever intend to participate in any but the friendliest of tournaments), but totally worth it.

My friend Unit04 gave me some Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard vehicles a while ago, and this time I’m using the Leman Russ tank.  The biggest part I’m using are the tank treads, but I may also chop up the chassis to expand the gun carriage’s chassis.

Step one was to separate the sponsons from the chassis.  This was probably the single most critical step, since I needed to preserve all three pieces in good condition.  I ordered a .01″ thickness razor saw from Amazon which did the trick wonderfully.  It only took a little Milliput to hide the work on the chassis.  The sponsons were attached to the Leman Russ treads with superglue, then gaps filled with more Milliput.  Finally, the chassis was attached to the treads.

20160524_201640 20160524_201653

Next steps are to sand the Milliput and clean up around the sponsons.

Here are some pictures with various pieces attached with tacky putty, and a mock-up of the rear chassis I’ll have to build.  Smoke-stacks will be toothpaste caps.

20160524_202820 20160524_202845