Satyxis Gunslingers

I love these sculpts.  All very unique, sassy poses, perfect for flamboyant colors.  These are the same colors as Severa Blacktide, because she is named Gunslinger character.

MSP Clear Purple 2:1 MSP Clear Magenta for the coats, Clear Magenta for the chest and head pieces.  Clear blue for the pirate pants.  Chainmail Silver for the chainmail, Radiant Platinum for the rest of the steel metals.  Red Shadow/Bright Skin Triad for the skin, Oiled Leather triad for leader and horns, except horns go to P3 khaki something instead of burnt orange.

And here they are with the boss-lady, Severa Blacktide.

[WIP] Satyxis Blood Witches

Not a WIP in my normal sense – I’ve decided that rather than be intimidated by painting 10 at once I will paint them one at a time, which will be more enjoyable for me. I also painted up the Hag because she was fun to do.




The regulars are magnetized to their bases so they can be Witch Elves if they want to be.  I 3D printed some 25mm bases that their CMON toppers fit into.

Asphyxious 1

My favorite nickname in the Warmachine universe is “Gaspy.” I suspect that no one in that universe dares call him that, though.

The Iron Lich bits are painted the same color as the Cryx ‘jacks: Martian Green. Glowy bits are P3 Green Ink and Secret Weapon Fallout wash. Taking inspiration from the studio paint job and the Martian Green color, I painted his robes Nightshade Purple/Black Green and highlighted with S75 Sunset Purple and Reptilian Green.

He’s not a pirate, but he gets a plank base to fit in with the rest of the crew. 3d printed the boards.