Painted this guy rather quickly.  I enjoyed doing the glow effects.

Black primer, VMC Oiled Steel and VAC Bright Brass for metal, white for glow, followed by VGC Yellow ink, then 2x Yellow + P3 Green Ink, then Green Ink.  Then white + yellow again for the hot spots.  Vallejo Old Rust and Rust for the rust effects, plus verdigris on the copper.

Base is cork (obviously) with gesso, black primer, then a generous helping of VGC Red Ink to let it seep into the cracks.  Around the edges is green paint filled in with water effect.


Laori Vaus (Satyxis Raider)

Laori Vaus is a sadistic, evil, elven cleric in the current Pathfinder campaign I’m running.  Curiously enough, she’s an ally rather than an enemy.  The PCs have grown rather fond of her in their brief encounters, so she reappeared when we had a guest player.  I painted this mini for that encounter.  The mini is a Satyxis Raider with the horns removed.

PP Satyxis Raider – Update 1

I fished this lady out of the melt bin at ReaperCon, missing her chain whip.  I replaced it with a dagger.  If I get her done in time, she might be able to show up in the next session of my PFRPG game.

20150808_173720 20150808_173727

A base I got from Secret Weapon’s Bag of Crap.  I’m not a big fan of their gross alien bases, which is why it got paired with a low-stress model.