60049: Red Mantis Assassin

img_20161217_123115 img_20161217_123150

Foes for my Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign.  Trying out the Daler-Rowney Flame Red ink I picked up recently.


60088: Cleric of Urgathoa

This post will be delayed, because she’s a boss my players will fight soon.  Fairly quick job, mostly letting the airbrush do the hard work, then glazing over with inks and translucent paints.

img_20161106_163643 img_20161106_163652 img_20161106_163711

Pictures taken with my other camera (the point-and-shoot).  For some reason, it picks up white dots everywhere.  I think it’s something about my matte sealer.  In hand, it looks more like the cell-phone pictures.

dsc06942 dsc06945 dsc06951