Female Dual-Wield Fighter – Update 1

DSC05426 DSC05428

Having finished Solid Chef, I treated myself to starting another miniature.  This is Dark Sword Elmore Masterworks Female Dual-Wield Fighter, DSM-1151.

First up was removing her integral base, accomplished using clippers and grinding off the rest with the dremel.  I used the airbrush to lay down primer, skin and blue cloth last night, then did the rest at New England Paint Day at Battleground Games & Hobbie in Plainville, MA.

Skin is RMS Fair Skin.  Hair is 2x RMS Sun Yellow, 1x RMS Oiled Leather.  Blue cloth is RMS Sapphire Blue.  Light brown is RMS Rattlesnake Leather.  Dark brown is VMC Burnt Umber.  Eyes are RMS Linen White with RMS Muddy Brown lines.  Light brown and hair is washed with GW Agrax Earthshade.  Swords and metal armor is VMA Aluminum washed with P3 Armor Wash (black undercoat).  Gold plates on the belt are RMS Antique Gold (black undercoat).