Ursula, Dwarven Bear Rider Captain


Painted for Jimmy the Brush’s May community challenge – “Named Character.”  https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/jimmythebrushcc12/




Had lots of fun painting the blue, as well as painting the hair. The mini itself is very heavy, being solid metal and actually had some damage on the bear’s snout and on her left side bangs (I had to cut new grooves in the metal, you can probably see my clumsy sculpting if you look). Also had a mold line running through her face and across the bear fur.

Fur: Lots of different browns. Started with Daler Rowney Burnt Umber and Vallejo Smokey Ink. Airbrushed the bottom side with darker colors, drybrushed lighter colors on the top. I probably should have gone with a warmer, more saturated brown – didn’t bother to look at bear pictures before I started painting.

Blue: MSP HD Dragon Blue, shaded with GW Drakenhof Nightshade and S75 Eldandil Violet, highlighted with S75 Hykey Yellow, though there are only a few spots where it is pure yellow. This is my first time experimenting highlighting with yellow to try to give the blue a slightly warmer look.

Red Scales: MSP Red Shadow, then S75 Deep Red, Blood Red, Antares Red, Mars Orange.

Hair: MSP Carrot Top Red, Army Painter Red Shade, highlighting up with S75 Hykey Yellow

Leathers: Base of either MSP Lonestar Leather (boots, gloves) or P3 Gun Corps Brown, then highlighting up with Hykey Yellow and P3 Hammerfall Khaki

Armor: TMM, using Vallejo Air Steel, shaded with Drakenhof Nightshade and MSP Blue Liner, highlighted with Vallejo Metal Medium

Base: I started by using Vallejo European Mud, but I overworked it with several layers of paint, so I used Secret Weapon pigments to bring back some of the texture. Grass tufts from Army Painter and little rocky-things from somewhere to complete it.

Dwarf Barbarian

from Artisan Guild AMAZONS! Kickstarter, a 3d printed female dwarf barbarian

Mostly painted with Citadel Contrast paint to see if I could get the layer lines to show up, and to see if there was a visible difference between 50 microns and 20 microns on an Elegoo Mars (there wasn’t). This is the 50 micron version.

Thor Steinhammer

I picked up Thor near the start of Mk III, for a Sorscha list with lots of long-range guns.  Pair him with a Ghordson Avalancher for fully boost Quake shots (with boosted blast damage).

As I did with the Rockram, I painted up Thor in safety colors, which also nicely matches his flamethrower in this case.  I painted him up fully in about 2 days of painting – I can go so much faster and without a huge loss in quality if I just relax and let it happen.  (I’m currently looking at well over 2 weeks ongoing for some Ice Witches).

I’m also still playing around with the camera.  All the pictures are much better than before, but here are my manual settings:

And here are automatic.  Better in most ways, worse in a few.

And here he is with his ‘jack. I’ll may change the front-arc markings on the ‘jack to be consistent with the rest of my Mercs at some point.

Brun and Lug

Finally finished Brun and Lug!  I’m very happy with how they turned out.  The green backdrop always seems to ruin my pictures, so I might try taking pictures against the purple backdrop.

I’m thinking about making one or both a ReaperCon entry, so I might make some more updates (any suggestions would be welcome!).

Aldon Oathkeeper, Paladin

I finished up J’s dwarf character for our new 5E campaign.  I don’t remember what his name is, but he’s a dwarven cleric of [the only diety in the game].  He is something of a fop, and also has impeccable hair.  I purposely left the gloss coat on his hair and metallic parts to represent this.  I kicked this guy out quickly and had fun doing so, I think because there was no real pressure on me.

DSC06049 DSC06053

Scardova Characters – Update 1

I started playing in a new 5E campaign run by one of my friends, and dug around in my minis box for characters for some of the other players.  So far faces only, plus an undercoat for some metallics.  The characters are members of an organization nicknamed “The Browncloaks,” so I gave them each a nice brown color on a prominent field – though neither of these miniatures actually has a cloak.

J’s dwarven cleric, played by “Aldon Oathkeeper – Paladin”, Stonehaven Miniatures

This guy has the trait “Impeccable Hair” – unfortunately this miniature is partially bald, but I will make sure to make his beard amazing.


Next up is E’s human paladin, played by “Duke Gerard” from Reaper Miniatures (Bones).  He’s supposed to be older, so I have him salt-and-pepper hair and wrinkles.  The forehead wrinkles look okay, but the other ones seem kind of weird.


Fulumbar Ironhand

DSC05299 DSC05301

DSC05304 DSC05307

Fulumbar is an exchange miniature for Sirithiel, also known as Project G.

Fulumbar is a plains dwarf, a race of dark-skinned dwarves that farm and hunt the vast plains on the other side of the Dwarf Lord Mountains, where humans and elves rarely venture.  The plains dwarves recognize that not all treasure is found underground – wood, leather, fur, horn, barley and wheat are the precious materials the plains dwarves deal in.  You didn’t think that the famous dwarven ale was made with plants grown underground, did you?  Of course, it’s not shocking that you’ve never heard of plains dwarves before.  The mountain dwarves are themselves notorious recluses and even the human towns near the mountains only see the occasional trader, prospector or adventurer.  The plains dwarves also keep to themselves, though they’re just as fierce as any king under the mountain when provoked.

As for Fulumbar, why does he now travel in human lands?  Though he was raised a farmer in the thorp of Bem Lodar, that idyllic life was brutally cut short when duergar raiders burned the village to the ground, killed half the inhabitants and carried off the rest.  Fulumbar spent the next 20 years chasing the duergar, hunting down their raiding parties and freeing the captives they took from Bem Lodar, until only two remain unaccounted for – his wife and baby daughter, now a young dwarven lass he’s never met.  He has followed the trail of blood and rumors of midnight attacks until they led him to the great human city of Dram.  Will his quest finally come to end in the dungeons below Kings’ Valley Keep, or will this be another dead end?