77044: Turanil, Male Elf Paladin

I offered to paint up some RPG characters for a random person at my FLGS.  I only got one suggestion, a half-elf paladin with a green knight vibe.  Turanil here was a great candidate, and he got painted up over the course of last weekend.  MSP Grass Green, up through Reaper NPP Poison Green and MSP Alien Goo for the highlights.  Used Violet Shadow for color contrast in the shadows.  NMM because I was feeling like it (Reaper’s Gold NMM Triad for the golds, various blues for the steel).

03803: Laril Silverhand, Blacksmith

Reaper Secret Sophie for Morihalda.  She wanted “pretty, fierce, elf, female.”  I was in Denton in May and picked up Laril at the Reaper Game Store.  I tried for a glowing rune look on her apron/hammer/anvil.

Skull & Shackles PCs

Minis for two PCs in my new Skull & Shackles game.  Female elven brawler and catfolk oracle.  Surprisingly, I already had something that was essentially a catfolk pirate (in both male and female varieties, actually).  That mini is from Alkemy.  The brawler was a bit harder, but I took a Brother of the Seal mini and put a female head on it and voila!  I gave them a quick zenithal highlight to hide the surgery and to make them look a little nicer for tomorrow’s game.


Aviriel Tellerion, Speedpaint

Reaper 77070: Aviriel Tellerion, Elf Paladin sculpted by Werner Klocke.

Poor Aviriel was painted in 45 minutes using crappy brushes and a fixed palette as part of a ReaperCon ’15 speedpainting event. She won 2nd place (out of 8). Although I didn’t win, I did get my revenge on Corporea – last year she beat me (soundly), but this year she was 3rd to my 2nd. Aviriel has to sit in the far back corner of my display case with last year’s speed paint.

DSC06202   DSC06199

77092: Elquin, High Elf Adventurer

I painted the Bones version of Elquin as part of the Secret Sophie 2014 miniature exchange for Leopardpixie. She says that her favorite colors are pink and black, so they were the starting point for this miniature.

I started by airbrushing RMS Cactus Flower, which was eye-wateringly bright. The final result is less so, but let that be a warning to anyone trying to use this color. I had decided to make his jacket black, but realized there’s some complex relationship between his jacket and cloak – it actually kind of looks like it’s all one garment. I did my best to find good points of separation.

The skin is the RMS Olive Triad. I’m consciously trying to paint miniatures with diverse skin tones, and just because he’s an elf, he doesn’t get a pass. I am very proud of his eyes (though I forgot eyebrows again!). It was nice to work on a heroically proportioned miniature, as I’ve been painting lots of miniatures with realistically sized eyes recently. I don’t have the control to do full dks eyes on a Hasslefree or Darksword miniature.

The scrolls lost nearly all their detail in the transition to Bones, unfortunately. I tried to figure out what they were an eventually decided on scrolls – I checked the metal figure and concept art just now, and that is in fact what they are supposed to be.

I also have a feeling that he gets a lot of crap about the color of his cloak from fellow adventurers. “Shut up guys! It’s lightish red” or “Who cares what it looks like, it gives me a +3 to all my saves!”

DSC05606 DSC05612 DSC05614