03506: Egyptian Priestess (Project M)

Sculptor: Bob Ridolfi

I fished this cute girl out of the Box o’ Goodwill from the Reaper forums, so it’s only right that she make her way back to another forum member as an exchange mini for Secret Sophie 2016.  Tricksay wanted to receive “open to anything”; I love when people pick that, because I can just paint whatever I feel like.  Thanks to Bonwirn for giving me a bunch of Hirst Arts blocks to make the diorama out of.

img_20161219_202105 img_20161219_202139 img_20161219_202212

After I took these pictures I realized: OMG, you can’t even see the rear half that I spent so much time on.  Despite the chance of ruining the mini, I carefully drilled a magnet hole through the bottom of the base so she can be removed.  I threw in a gaming base as well for picture taking purposes, and just in case Tricksay ever wants to use her in a game.  I was joking with my friends at paint day that “no, those are her adventuring clothes; convenient necklace, weird skirt-thong and all.”

img_20161219_211945 img_20161219_212001 img_20161219_212037

Master Ascetic Naaresh

I painted this guy for the Privateer Press Forums Secret Santa 2016 exchange.  This is a Christmas themed exchange, so Naaresh here got lots of Christmas colors.  I used two of Reaper’s Christmas special edition MSP paints – Christmas Wreath (green) and Ginger Cookie (tan).  Other major colors are MSP Big Top Red and VGC Glorious Gold.

dsc06912 dsc06916 dsc06922

And yes, this dude has bits of [festive] metal stuck into his skin.  Hoksune, I guess.

2015 ReaperCon Gold Mini – Vampire Lord by Bobby Jackson

Painted this guy for edz16 on the Reaper forums (his partner, who received 01559: Malena the Sorceress (Project N) bailed on him).  I got most of the painting done at ReaperCon ’16.  My lovely cell-phone camera captures all the terrible bits, while ignore most of the good stuff.  In person, this looks better, and I’m hoping edz16 can get some decent shots of him.

20161020_174623 20161020_1746351

01559: Malena the Sorceress (Project N)

Finished up Malena for my exchange partner, and will mail her off later this week.  I’m actually kind of sad to let her go, and might have to reuse this color scheme in the future.

The base of the blue is MSP Bones HD Tropical Blue, and the green is PP Poison Green up to MSP Moth Green.

Lots of photos because I will not have another chance to take any.

DSC06794 DSC06805 DSC06809 DSC06810 DSC06814 DSC06820

77299: Female Antipaladin (Project M)

20160326_092909 20160326_092916 20160326_092933 20160326_092943

My partner (Pochi) requested a theme of “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” or “Something wicked this way comes.”  I think this bad girl could fit in either category.  It was fun to have a mini with so much skin to paint.  I feel guilty painting half-naked women, but I really do love painting skin.  I’ll be sending this off to Australia soon.

03311: Rhaine, Rogue (Project L)

This is the miniature I painted for SGHawkins09 for the Secret Sophie ’15 Miniature Exchange on the Reaper Miniatures forums.  SGHawkins09 requested Christmas colors, so I obliged.  I gave her a decorative base, which started out with some bark someone gave me at ReaperCon, but I think my attempts to put snow and gravel on it made it worse than just the bark painted up as rocks.  Along with a few other new miniatures in blisters, this will go out to SGHawkins09 once she gets back from Christmas vacation.

DSC06612 DSC06618 DSC06621 DSC06622 DSC06625

Not my best face… all my army painting made it a bit difficult to get back into a groove of painting as nicely as possible.

Project K – Update 1

Project K is for the 2015 Fall Miniature Exchange on the Reaper forums.  My partner didn’t have particularly specific instructions, so I was able to go through my bag of Bones and pick out something I felt like painting.  I decided on a mini with a large flowing cloak, and to use the Scale 75 recipe that I used on Josephine Lucero‘s cloak.  No pictures, just in case my partner is reading this, but I am finished with the cloak (unless I decide to smooth out some of the blends) and have started on the face and base.