Sorscha Prime and Epic Sorscha

I did most of the painting on these two at CaptainCon 2016.  Not super-awesome (especially the faces), but better than most of the rest of my Khador.

20160326_093006 20160326_093022 20160326_093108 20160326_093124

20160326_093136 20160326_093147 20160326_093154

eSorscha’s legs are kind of a happy accident – I was painting her base with the airbrush, followed by layers of drybrushing, and I liked the effect, so I just didn’t paint over it.


Khador All-in-One Army Box – Update 2

Two week (ish) update on my army box: I am now ready to play.  All models have been cleaned and assembled, primed, and some color put on enough of them to distinguish them on the table.  Facing is also marked for playing purposes.  The warjacks were primed in black, then had a directional highlight of white, followed by MSP Clear Red to give them a nice vibrant color with minimal effort.  The remaining units were primed with gray primer.  The red was airbrushed on (and all but the flag then washed with brown ink), the war dog and widowmakers got a wash of brown ink on certain fields, and Lady Aiyana and Master Holt got a blue ink wash.  The facing markers and Khador symbol on the flag are VMC Ochre Brown (a yellow with great coverage).

DSC06017 DSC06019 DSC06022 DSC06024 DSC06028

I am now ready to get my butt kicked in a game.

As far as painting goes, I will probably pick out a few fields on the ‘jacks to begin with, then start painting up the solos to varying degrees of nicely.  I don’t expect to make rapid progress on that front, which is why I gave them a bit of color in the interim.

Khador All-in-One Army Box – Update 1

I got my Khador army last week, and I’ve been busy cleaning and assembling everything.  I’m mostly done – 3 Winter Guard, a Widowmaker and a jack left to go.  I’ll have to at least paint forward arcs on the bases before I can use them.  The Spriggan is magnetized up the wazoo (so that he can be a Demolisher or Devastator), which leaves him a little bit flimsy in places.  I may need to do some retrofitting or supergluing.


The complete army list that came in this box is:

Forward Kommander Sorscha
War Dog
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich
Winter Guard Infantry (leader and 9 grunts)
Winter Guard Infantry Rocketeer (3 rocketeers)
Winter Guard Officer & Standard
Widowmakers (leader and 3 grunts)
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt