Minicrate Totem Hunter

Colors used include MSP Red Shadow and MSP Black Green for undercoats, MSP Oiled Leather Triad, MSP Bones Troll Hide and Orc Flesh, P3 Radiant Platinum, GW Washes, Badger Ghost Tints Fresh Blood and Tamiya Clear Red for the blood, and some MSP bone colors.

Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight (without sleigh)

Lylyth 3, without her ulks and sleigh of death.

Standard Legion colors.  Her armor is a bit different from the other warlocks, so I just traced the edges in silver rather than try to paint all the little doodads inside each plate.

She is really “flat”

Here’s what she’s getting instead of a sleigh

Eiryss, Echo of Everblight

“What if Eiryss were corrupted by Everblight?  Her work as a mercenary and Retribution partisan has taken her within reach of the dragon’s forces on many occasions.  There can be no doubt Everblight would love to add Eiryss to the arsenal of warlocks with which he opposes the Dragonfather.”