Orsus the Chained

Black Green/Poison Green/Moth Green/Neon Yellow for the axe.

Lt Allison Jakes

Painted up with Morrowan colors.  I was lazy with prep, so she got to keep her Cygnus (boo, hiss).  When I paint her full-warcaster variant, I will file it off an paint a Morrowan symbol in its place.

Greylords Ternion

Technically Greylords Hexion, since I painted up 2 units

Basically the same colors as the Greylord Outriders, but with some GW Contrast Akhelion Green and MSP Dragon Blue for the flasks, and S75 Amarth Blue for the pattern on the backs of the leaders’ cloaks.

Greylord Outriders

Colors of imporance:

GW Contrast Blood Angels Red for tabard
P3 Traitor Green for other clothes
Reaper Skeleton Key, shaded with GW Drakenhof Nightshade for steel metals
GW Contrast browns – Wyldwood, Cygor Brown, Snakebite Leather
GW Contrast Guilleman Flesh for skins
Vallejo Basalt Grey for cloaks
GW Gehenna Gold and P3 Brass Balls for gold metals
Horses are various browns and such