60115: Shoanti Barbarian

Another barbarian, this time in slightly more muted colors.  I tried using pigments on him, which came out as a mixed bag.  Not too surprising for my first time, so I call it a success.


Assault Kommander Strakhov and Kommandos

WIP of my second project for November.  The goal is for there to be lots of dark colors, so I went with dark blue, dark brown and dark red.  The guns will be a darker metal color as well.  I plan to pop the highlights of each of those colors a bit so the overall look isn’t just “dark.”  Also, it’s really hard to tell, but the right-most kommando is a woman.  Yay, gender equality!

Yuri the Axe, 2 Manhunters

Yuri the Axe, and his two Manhunter friends.  I anticipate using them in Company of Iron, and maybe even throw together a Jaws of the Wolf theme list now that I have them painted.  The cloak was fun to paint – base coat a medium brown, wash, then draw lots of lines in a few different colors, and finally glaze with a few different colors to give it some variation.

Custom HeroForge Mini for TJ

My friend TJ came over today to paint, and I painted this custom HeroForge mini he ordered. She’s apparently a Yuan-Ti pureblood PC in one of his games. There was some concept art with green eyes and purple clothing, so I used that to start with.

All told, around 4 hours. I’m quite happy with how she turned out… sitting and chatting and not agonizing over every decision made her fun and fast to paint.

Now, about the mini itself. Here is a fully zoom-in version of the image above. You can easily see the 3d printed layers, particularly on the base (which appeared not to have been perfectly horizontal in the printer), and on the raised arm. The picture doesn’t necessarily draw attention to the same areas as the eye, but it’s pretty obvious the layers are there if you spend any time looking at the mini. That said, for a tabletop piece it should be fine and the material itself took primer (and thus paint) just fine. The material had some flex to it, and there were only a few supports. Several small details were noticable, for example the details on the bag and the eyebrow piercings (which I didn’t paint), but she was supposed to have more defined abs, which didn’t show up. I don’t think light sanding would have helped much – you would have to take off enough that you’d be seriously damaging the mini at that point. At $30 a pop, they’re very expensive, but I could see it be worthwhile for a beloved character.

03222: Elori Ebonscythe, Cleric

DSC06838 DSC06843 DSC06846 DSC06849

A gift for my friend who is hosting a July 4th party.  This is an NPC in his game – I’ll try to get him to post a backstory or something.

Kainsen says:

She is a part of my homebrew D&D campaign world. Her name is Nimela and she was born at the dawn of civilization when the seven gods walked the land among the races they created. The gods had a strict plan, however, and instituted Absolute Order on their people which compelled them to live their life the way the gods’ designed. With free thought and free will when not actively controlled, Nimela joined a secret order that wished to overthrow the gods and take control of their own lives. The order ended up creating a new god, Asmodeus, who immediately turned about 95% of the population into the less-civilized races (orcs, goblins, demons, etc) and war commenced. Eventually the seven gods retreated to the Astral Plane, sealing it off from the Prime Material, and Asmodeus retreated to the Abyss to allow life to continue on its own.

Nimela and her remaining companions kept watch over the world for a while and eventually decided to go into stasis, leaving only one of them to slowly trudge through time the long way. The PCs ended up finding her still in stasis after over 10,000 years with her companions suspiciously absent. The PCs are afraid of her as she openly worships the one evil god, though she favors the chaos and death domains and not the evil one.

Her weapon is a great maul because I don’t enjoy the dark D&D settings, I always imbue a bit of anime-style light-heartedness in my campaigns. 🙂

03311: Rhaine, Rogue (Project L)

This is the miniature I painted for SGHawkins09 for the Secret Sophie ’15 Miniature Exchange on the Reaper Miniatures forums.  SGHawkins09 requested Christmas colors, so I obliged.  I gave her a decorative base, which started out with some bark someone gave me at ReaperCon, but I think my attempts to put snow and gravel on it made it worse than just the bark painted up as rocks.  Along with a few other new miniatures in blisters, this will go out to SGHawkins09 once she gets back from Christmas vacation.

DSC06612 DSC06618 DSC06621 DSC06622 DSC06625

Not my best face… all my army painting made it a bit difficult to get back into a groove of painting as nicely as possible.