Lord Kozlov, Viscount of Scarsgrad and Lesovik

Kozlov and his [unofficial] character jack, Lesovik.

Paint strategy was zenithal highlight, then red, orange, yellow inks, then red ink again (probably should have skipped that step).  Then Secret Weapon Ruby wash (okay, but not great for wide-open areas on Lesovik; great everywhere else).  Black everywhere that wasn’t red, then metals and black wash, then details.

Man o’ War Shocktroopers (plus Kovnik)

I’ve been working on these shocktroopers for a couple weeks now, and they’re finally ready to hit the table.  I probably put 40+ hours in on these guys, which was more that I was originally planning on, but they are basically light ‘jacks, so it’s not so bad.  Zenithal highlight, red / orange / yellow inks, black out the stuff that isn’t red, then get details and metals.

I painted them all together so they’d match (including repainting the Kovnik), and I plan on running them with an Irusk 1 list, as well as bringing them to CaptainCon’s Who’s the Boss tournament.

img_20161217_123536 img_20161217_123631

img_20161217_123801 img_20161217_123827 img_20161217_123848 img_20161217_123930 img_20161217_123951 img_20161217_124004 img_20161217_124035 img_20161217_124105 img_20161217_124127 img_20161217_124136 img_20161217_124154 img_20161217_124214 img_20161217_124233 img_20161217_124248 img_20161217_124309

Widowmakers (Leader)

I was poking at this lady as color experiments with the red, then decided to finish her up.  I got about 15 widowmakers in a lot I bought off someone (in addition to the 5 I already had), but you’re only allowed to field 5, so the others may also get used as test subjects in the future.

I used the real camera (when I can get it to focus), which I like better except that it makes little white dots everywhere – some interaction with the matte sealer, I think.  It was playing nice with the focus tonight though, and I actually got a decent photo of her face – yes, I cheated and didn’t draw pupils, but no one will ever notice.

dsc06883 dsc06891 dsc06893 dsc06904

Current WIPs

Darkspace Hasami from Relic Knights.  I’m loving the Spectral Moss/Clear Magenta combination.  Thanks to Adrift for suggesting Clear Magenta.

img_20161030_200057 img_20161030_200107 img_20161030_200116

Experimenting with the new airbrush, inks, and techniques I learned at ReaperCon.

img_20161030_200153 img_20161030_200203

Misc Reaper mini I picked up at ReaperCon

img_20161030_205228 img_20161030_205238