Great Bears/Iron Fang Kovnik: Update 1

I know the best bears.  The greatest.


Lord Kozlov, Viscount of Scarsgrad and Lesovik

Kozlov and his [unofficial] character jack, Lesovik.

Paint strategy was zenithal highlight, then red, orange, yellow inks, then red ink again (probably should have skipped that step).  Then Secret Weapon Ruby wash (okay, but not great for wide-open areas on Lesovik; great everywhere else).  Black everywhere that wasn’t red, then metals and black wash, then details.

Master Ascetic Naaresh

I painted this guy for the Privateer Press Forums Secret Santa 2016 exchange.  This is a Christmas themed exchange, so Naaresh here got lots of Christmas colors.  I used two of Reaper’s Christmas special edition MSP paints – Christmas Wreath (green) and Ginger Cookie (tan).  Other major colors are MSP Big Top Red and VGC Glorious Gold.

dsc06912 dsc06916 dsc06922

And yes, this dude has bits of [festive] metal stuck into his skin.  Hoksune, I guess.

Ogrun Bokur

This beefy guy barely fits on a 40mm base.  He is quite a solid hunk of metal.  He was a pretty quick paint job – probably 4 hours total.  I primed black then used directional highlighting to bring out the highlights.  Then, instead of using paints, I did pretty much the whole thing with inks, which are transparent and will let the shading I did with the airbrush show through.  Also, a little bit of water effects on the base.

dsc06928 dsc06932 dsc06935

2015 ReaperCon Gold Mini – Vampire Lord by Bobby Jackson

Painted this guy for edz16 on the Reaper forums (his partner, who received 01559: Malena the Sorceress (Project N) bailed on him).  I got most of the painting done at ReaperCon ’16.  My lovely cell-phone camera captures all the terrible bits, while ignore most of the good stuff.  In person, this looks better, and I’m hoping edz16 can get some decent shots of him.

20161020_174623 20161020_1746351