Female Dual-Wield Fighter

Finished up this lady during the week. I was originally intending her to be a bit higher quality, but she was very accident prone so I decided to settle for high tabletop level. High tabletop is where I want most of my minis to fall, so that’s perfectly fine by me. Hopefully my “high tabletop” will increase over time, but this is a good example of what it means to me at the moment. There are some spots I’m proud of (skin and brown), and others I got frustrated with and moved on (armor and blue).  I did a teensy bit of TMM on her swords.  Actually, her dagger was a victim of my her clumsiness and the “mid-tone” is polished pewter with no paint at all.

DSC05483 DSC05486 DSC05488

Here’s the best closeup of the face I could get. Darksword Miniatures have really tiny eyes, so I was unable to get as much detail in there as I would have liked to. I eventually had to accept that I couldn’t do any better after repeated attempts.

YUI - WIN_20141126_184349


Female Dual-Wield Fighter – Update 2

DSC05460 DSC05462

I was causing a fair bit of damage to this lady as I was painting her (including dropping her on the floor and bending her dagger), so I decided to just attach her to the base now, while the damage won’t ruin my paint job.  The base is mostly done, but I’ll probably add something to the vegetation.  I also started highlighting and shading the buttcape.


Female Dual-Wield Fighter – Update 1

DSC05426 DSC05428

Having finished Solid Chef, I treated myself to starting another miniature.  This is Dark Sword Elmore Masterworks Female Dual-Wield Fighter, DSM-1151.

First up was removing her integral base, accomplished using clippers and grinding off the rest with the dremel.  I used the airbrush to lay down primer, skin and blue cloth last night, then did the rest at New England Paint Day at Battleground Games & Hobbie in Plainville, MA.

Skin is RMS Fair Skin.  Hair is 2x RMS Sun Yellow, 1x RMS Oiled Leather.  Blue cloth is RMS Sapphire Blue.  Light brown is RMS Rattlesnake Leather.  Dark brown is VMC Burnt Umber.  Eyes are RMS Linen White with RMS Muddy Brown lines.  Light brown and hair is washed with GW Agrax Earthshade.  Swords and metal armor is VMA Aluminum washed with P3 Armor Wash (black undercoat).  Gold plates on the belt are RMS Antique Gold (black undercoat).