Eilish Garrity, the Occultist

Lots of green on this guy.  He didn’t come out quite how I wanted, so I didn’t do my best on him.



Ragman isn’t quite as important for Khador anymore, but he was a fairly easy paint job (you can probably tell from all the brown).

Ogrun Bokur

This beefy guy barely fits on a 40mm base.  He is quite a solid hunk of metal.  He was a pretty quick paint job – probably 4 hours total.  I primed black then used directional highlighting to bring out the highlights.  Then, instead of using paints, I did pretty much the whole thing with inks, which are transparent and will let the shading I did with the airbrush show through.  Also, a little bit of water effects on the base.

dsc06928 dsc06932 dsc06935

Gobber Tinker

A 1-point mercenary solo I’ll be throwing into the occasional Khador list, when I’m a point short.  He repairs jacks.

I painted up the miniature fairly quickly (I’m taking this week off work, so I had plenty of time to work on him today), but it was a surprisingly fun sculpt.  I think he’s got a lot of character, with that hat, tools tucked everywhere and the cigar.  I got to use lots of different metallic paints, and I also tried out VMC Dried Rust effects.  I’m kinda meh on it, but it’s definitely better than trying to do it with regular paints.

DSC06560 DSC06561 DSC06566 DSC06568