Echo is character from Middara.  Fun color scheme, terrible detail on face.  I put in low-moderate effort on her.


Painted this while watching Jimmy the Brush and Princess on Twitch. Fun with weird skin tones! The sculpt wasn’t great, but wasn’t terrible either.

Eliphie is an esper from the Middara board game, a creature from another reality. Her skin was done with mixes of S75 Arphen Jade and MSP Bloodless Skin. Her hair and bag are Citadel Contrast paints (Talassar Blue, Blood Angels Red). The blue patterns on her skin are MSP Frontier Blue. Badger Fresh Blood adorns her bag, heart and blade and has glossy finish.


Celestial Gigas

Two Celestial Gigas from Middara.  We defeated Judas, an interplanar bounty hunter and our summoner will soon be able to call one to fight for us.  A tricky part was making the different browns look distinct.  The NMM on his manacles is a bit silly but helps with the anime look.  Both are painted basically the same, so I only took one set of pictures.


Aisling was *so* fun to paint.  She was done entirely at ReaperCon.  I used Blood Angels Red Contrast on her hair, smoothed with a bit of P3 Khador Red then some S75 Fluro Red. The white is MSP Pure White, with no additional highlights.  A tiny bit of neutral gray shading and lining is all there is.

Sad that she only lasted one encounter.  She nearly killed Remi by spawning next to her, then Remi’s dad killed her in a pretty gruesome manner.  The moral of her story is don’t kidnap the mafia boss’s only daughter.