Minicrate Totem Hunter

Colors used include MSP Red Shadow and MSP Black Green for undercoats, MSP Oiled Leather Triad, MSP Bones Troll Hide and Orc Flesh, P3 Radiant Platinum, GW Washes, Badger Ghost Tints Fresh Blood and Tamiya Clear Red for the blood, and some MSP bone colors.

Farrow Valkyries

Wow, these ladies were fun to paint. The hair in particular was fun. RMS Carrottop Red, Harvest Brown and Blond Shadow, all of them highlighting up to Blond Highlight. Metal was VMC Oily Steel with P3 Armor Wash + Agrax Earthshade (2:1 or 3:1), then highlighted with P3 Quicksilver. Skin was directional highlighting + DR Burnt Umber ink. Main skirt was highlighting + a mix of green and brown ink (to create a dark brown).

I tried out my new static grass applicator.  It made a giant mess, but at least the grass looks nice, and did a decent job of getting up underneath (next time I’ll apply the grass before gluing the figure).

Against a different background: