Middara Monster: Blighted Something

I’m not actually sure what this monster is called, as I don’t seem to have a card for it.  Simple paint job, Stynylrez Olive Primer+Coelia Greenshade, Linen White+Agrax Earthshade, S75 Fuchsia.  P3 Gun Corps Brown for hair.

Merk Hounds

Merk Hounds are random weird aquatic monsters in Middara.  Contrast Orc Green + Wildwood for a swampy green, then MSP Harvest Brown.  Tanned Skin + GW Flesh Wash for their rat-looking bits.

Middara monsters, Round 1

Here is a selection of some of the monsters from Middara that I’ve painted up.

Earth Loa:
I washed with a sepia color, then drybrushed with Reaper’s Stone Triad. At the point, the colors were far too neutral and didn’t look like stone or earth. I then took various GW and SW washes and airbrushed them on to tint various areas. I then went back to the Stone Triad for edge highlights, moving between a few colors so that the edge highlights on the bottom half of the model were not as bright.

Glow effect:
After I put on the main colors, I used an airbrush to put a fuzzy circle of white in the palm. I did the same with a medium but saturated green, allowing to spill past the white area. This made the outer edges fairly dark and the center solid green. I then did progressively smaller dots of green, moving towards white. I added some small highlights and shadows to keep it from just looking like a blob. Finally, after matte varnishing, I went back and covered the glow only in a gloss varnish.

Angelius (#2)

My second Angelius.  Not too much to say – I did basically the same thing as on the first, though I spent more time on the wings, based on what I learned from Seraph/Neraph.

Old/New comparison shots.  Biggest differences are the top of the wings and the tip of the tail.


I haven’t been slacking off in the painting department, I promise! I have a few more [units] that need to be posted, once I bother to take pictures.

But in the meantime, here is Goremaw, from Reaper Bones 3. I painted her up in my Legion of Everblight colors – I like to think this is the adult form of the Hellmouth. Lots of dry brushing and wet blending since I didn’t want to take forever. The detail isn’t so great on the mini, but it doesn’t really matter since this is a “shock and awe” piece, not an “intricate detail” one.

The last thing you’ll ever see…

Momma and baby…