One Shot & Fritz

Woo!  Finally done!  Lots of pictures here.  Overall I’m fairly pleased, but there was a lot that I just said “heck with it” in the name of finishing the model.  Unfortunately, Jessi’s pose (and where the pin ended up) kind of hides her, even though she’s probably the best painted part of the whole thing.  The gun is stolen from a Dust Tactics model because I thought she needed an upgrade if she was going to compete with the likes of Kasaro-To (the only other Relic I have assembled and painted).  Also pictured is Fritz, her cypher.

DSC06353 DSC06354 DSC06356 DSC06360 DSC06361  DSC06367 DSC06370 DSC06372 DSC06374 DSC06376 DSC06378


One Shot – Update 1

I have One Shot’s relic assembled and primed in German Gray.  I am getting a proxy for Codebreaker pretty soon, so I’ll do them at the same time – I am planning on painting them up in a very similar style to the Diamondback.  One Shot’s base (and Fritz’s) are painted.  Here’s the first couple of steps of Jessi.  I am not sure what to do with Fritz, except that I know he will have bright yellow eyes, like Vivi.

DSC06153 DSC06156 DSC06157