I finished up Amelial from Relic Knights yesterday. The sculpt has some weirdness, but was enjoyable to paint. Some parts are fine, but some parts lack detail (the face in particular has none). Out of the package she has a flying base that attaches to both of her feet and perches her on some cloud thing. I was not a fan, plus I have been using the bases to distinguish factions – Amelial is “Void,” so I wanted a base that seems dead or dying. I used a lot of desaturated colors on her, in order to make the saturated parts pop out more – also, again with the “void” aspect, she kind of sucks the life/color out of things. I was going to paint her entirely in desaturated colors, but then I discovered the fantastic saturated purple that the Vallejo Game Ink Violet gave me (it’s less blue than it looks in the pictures). I enhanced this saturation by going over the inked spots with gloss coat at the very end. Gloss coat + NMM probably wouldn’t score me any points in a competition, but it only looks weird if you think about it. Speaking of NMM, I am very happy with most of it, the tops of the wings and the sword being the exceptions. The blending is fine on the top of the wings, but something is off about the placement. The sword isn’t right either, but it looks much better than my first attempt (which can be seen in the most recent WIP post). As far as the game goes, Amelial is a fantastic unit, so I’m looking forward to adding her to my cadre.

DSC05657 DSC05659 DSC05666 DSC05667

Amelial – Update 3

Amelial has been assembled and based.  Things remaining to be done: NMM gold on wings, redo some of the lining on the inside of the wings, face and hair.  There might be some other minor touchups required, and I may add one or two more objects to the base (which is supposed to look barren)

DSC05629 DSC05635 DSC05637

Amelial – Update 2

I looks like I missed an intermediate update on Amelial, but I’ve got all the colors blocked in and started working on some of the detailing. The darker purple is Vallejo Game Ink (Violet), while the lighter purples are RMS Amethyst Purple mixed with various grays to desaturate it. It is mixed with Alien Flesh on the wings and Dark Elf Skin on the body. The gray on the bodysuit is RMS Dark Elf Skin. Lining is either Nightshade Purple or Walnut Brown depending on what it’s next to. I am happy with the NMM on the body pieces (and the wings should be easy as well, but I’m waiting until they’re attached), but the sword is weird looking. Up close you can see obvious striping, but at arm’s length the blending should be fine. I hope it looks good enough because I don’t want to have to redo it. NMM is hard, and I don’t want to put in the effort yet to learn how to do it properly. I am painting for fun, and don’t want to spend lots of effort to learn something new right now. I know that pushing yourself is how you get better, but I’m actually fairly happy with the quality I’m putting out right now. So I’m planning on plateauing here for a while, and maybe work on my speed before I start working on my quality again.

DSC05543 DSC05546


Amelial – Update 1


DSC05467 DSC05469 DSC05470 DSC05472 DSC05474

I played a game of Relic Knights on Saturday using Amelial (via proxy) to great effect.  Her Fly trait gave her excellent mobility given the several pieces of tall terrain we had.  So I decided to paint her up.  Mold lines were typical for Relic Knights (not terrible, but frequently poorly placed and often-times quite noticeable), and assembly was a bit of a pain.  She’s got some weird cloud thing that she normally mounts on, but I didn’t like it so I created an alternate mount with a little resin accessory piece I had.  I managed to get about a 15mm pin into her foot and the rock, so she should be quite secure.  Her front foot originally connected to the cloud, so I had to trim the connecting piece off, but I did a pretty good job and it won’t be very noticeable.  After priming, I gave her a coat of RMS Noir Black, then some white for directional highlighting.  The wings aren’t attached yet, but I did the same for them.  Overall, I plan for her to be a dark piece (fitting with her Void alignment) – a black edged base with a “barren wasteland” motif.