Raging Heroes as Warmahordes proxies

What have I done to myself? I got a bunch of my Raging Heroes troops assembled, converted and primed, along with associated P3 figures.

In no particular order: 2 units of Doom Reaver Swordsmen including UA (one P3 model, one RH). Fenris, his dismount, a RH version of Fenris and a unit of Blighted Nyss Hex Hunters. At least on the Doom Reavers I’m going to have to find a way to force myself to paint them with a decent amount of speed or they’ll never get done.


Onyx, Master Assassin

Onyx was sitting on my workbench for a while, so I finished her up.  I started working on the teal, and just kept going.  She went to a weird place – way brighter than I originally intended, but she’s done and she looks fine.  She was a freebie anyway, so it’s not like I lost anything painting her weird.  The pose is pretty cool (ridiculous, but that’s par for the course with Raging Heroes), and I thought about using her for Legion of Everblight, but there wasn’t a particularly close character she could represent.  It was also nice to have a change of pace from red (Khador) and desaturated blue (LoE).

Sinzirith, Blood Vestal High Priestess

Painted as a “fun” mini in between Warmahordes / Secret Santa Projects

img_20161227_210437 img_20161227_210504

A dark elf from Raging Heroes, painted up in my Legion of Everblight colors.  I tried to put flames on her sword (there’s something “wreathing” her sword, but I’m not sure what it is), but I don’t think it came off very well.  Her clothes are super-silly, so I’ll be glad to paint some Striders here shortly.  Let’s review what she’s wearing: one armored boot.  one armored shoe + metal bits stuck to her leg.  metal bikini bottom with loincloth.  metal bikini top that is apparently glued to her breasts, with chains hanging below it.  high metal collar.  one winged metal pauldron.  metal headdress with weird bun thing supporting a headband of skull, and her cape.  yep, her cape is attached to her HEAD, not her SHOULDERS.  just in case there was any semblance of reasonableness.  also, she’s holding a human heart.

Tarja, Yaga Soul Weaver – Update 1

I picked up the resin version of Tarja, Yaga Soul Weaver from Hobby Bunker while attending NEMPA yesterday.  The detail is wonderful, as expected from a boutique maker, but the cast was only average – much worse than the Yoko the Psycho in metal I got from the Kickstarter.  There were noticable mold lines, several small bubbles, and fair-sized gaps to fill.  Not bad by any means, but it doesn’t give me particular faith in the spin-cast resin process.  After assembly and cleanup, I gave her an initial directional highlight and started the skin with RMS Rosy Skin and RMS Flesh Wash.  The base is from Micro Arts Studios.


I think I am going to paint her up as an alternate for a Khador warcaster – probably Zerkova because she’s the more wizardy of the two possible candidates.  That will make the robes red, and the weapon (and ruins) have a green glow.  Maybe this will give me an excuse to pick up the Secret Weapon Fallout wash I’ve been eyeballing but haven’t figured out how I could possibly use it.