Marcher Worlds Hunter (Variant)

All my Marcher Worlds and getting Irish/Scottish Gaelic names.  Aoife is named after a sniper in Valkyria Chronicles 4.  Most of the color on this miniature is GW Contrast paint.

  • Base 4:1 (ish) white:neutral primer, ie offwhite in the yellow direction
  • Contrast Militarum Green for armor/cloth
  • Contrast Skeleton Horde for cape
    • Powderburn Brown for cape accents
  • Contrast 3:1 Aethermatic Blue/Talassar Blue for Arc stuff
  • Contrast Snakebite Leather for leather accessories
  • Black / Contrast Black for gun/ARC receiver
    • AP Uniform Grey for edging
  • Skin: mix of MSP Olive and Dark skintones
  • Hair: Tanned leather over dark brown
  • Cameron Tartan: MSP Blood Red, Grass Green w/ Poison Green crossings, Pale Saffron
  • Basing is Vallejo European Mud covered with Frontline Games Grassy Fields flock

Khador Widowmakers / South Khador Long Gunners

Khador’s Widowmakers are feared by all of her enemies. The marksmen triply so.

However, when the concept of “elite marksmen” was attempted to be explained to the natives of South Khador, they just didn’t get it. Not only did they throw their rank-and-file at the problem, they insisted on waving about giant flags, which while very patriotic, dramatically hindered their effectiveness as snipers.

(After purchasing an ebay lot, I found myself with 15 widowmaker scouts/marksmen. I was about to trade them away, when I realized I could use them as Long Gunners with a little bit of conversion. Sure they’re not tourney legal as Long Gunners, but it’s not like I participate in tournaments, and it’s not like my opponents would be any more confused than they already were.)

Kapitan Yeremy Kraye

After King Vinter’s Skorne army crushed the Cygnaran Army and seized power, many of the remaining Cygnaran warcasters defected to Khador rather than serve under The Tyrant.  Although she was hesitant at first to receive such long-time enemies, Empress Ayn Vanar’s eventual trust in them proved wise.  Bolstered by the sudden influx of experienced warcasters and reserves of warjacks, Khadoran armies liberated cities such as Corvis and Fharin from Skorne control, eventually driving them back to the Bloodstone Desert.  Caspia remained in Menite hands, having been captured during a sneak attack while the bulk of the army was defending against the Skorne hordes.

Kapitan Yeremy Kraye (formerly Captain Jeremiah Kraye) led his troops – a mix of Khadoran regulars, scavenged Cygnaran ‘jacks and Cygnaran irregulars – at the forefront of many key battles against the Skorne.  Kraye cares most about freeing the citizenry from enslavement and doesn’t much care who rules, as long as they do so fairly.  With Llaelese and Cygnaran royalty disgraced, his eyes now look to Empress Vanar for guidance.