Widowmaker Marksman

Colors used, over a sketch-style base coat.


Widowmaker Marksman – Update 1

Marksman, started out using techniques from “sketch style.”  Black + white directional highlights.  Then Payne’s Grey ink from the bottom and finally drybrush titanium white.

Widowmakers (Leader)

I was poking at this lady as color experiments with the red, then decided to finish her up.  I got about 15 widowmakers in a lot I bought off someone (in addition to the 5 I already had), but you’re only allowed to field 5, so the others may also get used as test subjects in the future.

I used the real camera (when I can get it to focus), which I like better except that it makes little white dots everywhere – some interaction with the matte sealer, I think.  It was playing nice with the focus tonight though, and I actually got a decent photo of her face – yes, I cheated and didn’t draw pupils, but no one will ever notice.

dsc06883 dsc06891 dsc06893 dsc06904

Current WIPs

Darkspace Hasami from Relic Knights.  I’m loving the Spectral Moss/Clear Magenta combination.  Thanks to Adrift for suggesting Clear Magenta.

img_20161030_200057 img_20161030_200107 img_20161030_200116

Experimenting with the new airbrush, inks, and techniques I learned at ReaperCon.

img_20161030_200153 img_20161030_200203

Misc Reaper mini I picked up at ReaperCon

img_20161030_205228 img_20161030_205238