14234: Guardian Beast, Crusaders Monster

I started this model probably 4-5 years ago.  I filled in the wing slots with greenstuff, primed it and let it sit.  I got back to it for Jimmy the Brush’s July community challenge to paint a Reaper Warlord miniature.  I decided to paint him metallic with TMM all over the place.  Then I gave him a grassy base for some nice juxtaposition.


This little buddy has been repurposed to run on good, clean ice magic, rather than dangerous, unpredictable lightning magic.

This swamp base was only a partial success.  I bought some AK Interactive Swamp Water Gel, but I realized after I applied it that it’s only meant for surface texture, not deep pours.  Curiously, just a couple millimeters counts as a deep pour.  Conversions: get rid of his electricity thingies and replace with a Secret Weapon crystal.

Bob the Robot

From Stonehaven Miniatures.

In our Gloomhaven game we found a robot pal, who my friend Amanda named Bob.  We used this mini for a while and so I painted him up (after her first character retired unfortunately, to it might be a little bit before Bob makes another appearance).  The symbol on Bob’s chest is for the Tinkerer class, the class Amanda was when she found Bob.

Betty and Lug – Update 5

Betty is done!  I’m not calling this “complete” until Lug is also done, but here she is to show off.

20150823_185621 20150823_185649 20150823_185710 20150823_185736

The sealer is doing the “I’m going to make your pictures look terrible” thing again, even though you can’t really see those speckles in person.

I’m thrilled with how the freehand came out, and I can’t wait to get her out on the table.  It will be a little while though, because at minimum, I need to finish Lug and a knight (probably Questing Malya).

Betty and Lug – Update 4

I got the rest of the freehand done on Betty’s boots and jumpsuit, and I am really happy with how it came out.  I started in on some of the other detailing of the jumpsuit, using the studio model for help.  (I put a gloss sealer over the freehand since I don’t want to have to redo it)

20150815_165934 20150815_165940

Betty and Lug – Update 1

Betty and Lug are the next set of Relic Knights figures I’m painting up – the first(ish) of my Cerci. Cerci are all sorts of bright colors, so they get the bright green bases, brights yellow and bright orange. I’m planning on sticking fairly close to the concept art for this pair, with the major exception that my Betty has a dark skin tone.

My phone did nasty things with the color balance – this is the same background and lighting on all the pictures.

First up is Betty:

20150726_165843 20150726_165851

Khador Red Highlight for her jumpsuit & boots, RMS Dark Skin for her skin, and Scale75 Amarth Blue for the hair.


20150726_165656 20150726_165713 20150726_165722 20150726_165732

Most of the work on Lug so far is from the airbrush.  I primed him in black, then did light grey from the 50% angle on up, then white from the direction of the third picture.  I gave him a fairly solid coat of VGC Yellow Ink, but that was a little too bright, and left too much black on the lower parts, so I did a light, translucent coat of VMC Ochre Brown then another layer of yellow ink.  The only brushwork so far are the black stripes.


And here are the bases they’ll be getting.