PP Satyxis Raider

I finished up this lady, concentrating first and foremost on having fun.  As a result, there are some rough spots… but she actually got done fairly quickly.   Enjoy.

20150815_165816 20150815_165841 20150815_165900

PP Satyxis Raider – Update 1

I fished this lady out of the melt bin at ReaperCon, missing her chain whip.  I replaced it with a dagger.  If I get her done in time, she might be able to show up in the next session of my PFRPG game.

20150808_173720 20150808_173727

A base I got from Secret Weapon’s Bag of Crap.  I’m not a big fan of their gross alien bases, which is why it got paired with a low-stress model.



Secret Weapon Miniatures Terrain

Some quickly painted terrain.

Water-filled road barriers.  Very exciting.


Section of stone wall that came in a recent bag-of-crap.  It’s not for sale on their website, so I’m not sure what it is exactly.  Other people said they got differently shaped sections of something similar.

20150808_173305 20150808_173321