Suspect 7

Finally, all three Suspect 7 are complete.  I’m not sure why I got bogged down by this trio, though poor details on the minis were definitely a factor.  I hear they’re a great unit, so I’m looking forward to fielding them.

DSC05966 DSC05979

Suspect 7 – Update 7

Since last  update…

Suspect 7 #1 has been finished.

Suspect 7 #3 has some shading and highlighting done (no pictures).  A slow slog to the finish.  As soon as I “have” to do the mini, it becomes a chore.

DSC05918 DSC05922 DSC05926 DSC05929

Suspect 7 – Update 6

Since last  update…

Suspect 7 #1 is done except for sword and dullcoat.  I never thought I’d use Breast Cancer Awareness Pink in any serious context, but it made a nice contrasting color to the dark purple.  Her socks are white+a smidge of the same pink.

Suspect 7 #3 has hair done.

DSC05864 DSC05868 DSC05873 DSC05875 DSC05876

Suspect 7 – Update 2

I started to put some colors down.  Skin, hair and leotards.  #3 actually has black tights on – I need to redo her legs.  I am going to pull away from the Rosy triad towards Fair or Tanned skin, but I thought that would make a good base coat.