Gloomhaven Adventurers – Scoundrel, Brute, Tinkerer

Some quick paint jobs for Gloomhaven.  Mini colors are intended to be very vibrant, and are based on (in most cases) the color of the character card.

I am playing the Scoundrel, Juan is playing the Brute and Amanda was playing the Tinkerer, but she just retired her character.

DSM-1150 Female Thief

I finished off the female thief I started work on at the January NEMPA meeting.  Less than one month to get a miniature done! The original plan was to use her as my character in a one-shot that was intended to be today, but it got snowed out. She didn’t come out quite how I imagined the character so I decided to switch miniatures anyway.

Some notes on colors:
Highland Moss, -Jungle Moss, +Lemon Yellow for the blouse
Rattlesnake Leather, -Umbral Umber, +Tanned Leather for the pants
Ruddy Leather, -Umbral Umber, +Oiled leather for the boots
Blond Triad for the hair
Tanned Skin, -very thin Violet Shadow, +Fair Skin for skin

DSC05803 DSC05807 DSC05812

I’m not super happy with the eyes on an absolute scale, but I am very happy given that this is a Darksword model, and they have realistic (aka, tiny) eyes.


DSM-1150 Female Thief – Update 3

The game for Wasp got snowed out (but will be rescheduled later), which is actually convenient because I decided not to use this miniature for her.  Which turned into an excuse to not finish in time.  However, I’ve been using my unexpected free time to do just that.  My workbench is starting to get a bit crowded again, so I’m going to try to finish up some more models.

DSC05774 DSC05776

This first set of pictures is from a few days ago and shows my progress on shading the cloth and leather.


DSC05784 DSC05787

Here’s the base.  Micro Art Studios Dark Temple.  Very nice detail.  I started with a simple black wash, then painted over that, leaving the wash for the deepest shadows.



DSC05790 DSC05794

Here’s today’s progress with highlights on the cloth (but not leather yet).  I also tried to smooth out the rough TMM on the dagger.

DSM-1150 Female Thief – Update 1

I am painting up this lady quickly (I hope) for an upcoming one-shot game.  I started her at the Jan 2015 of NEMPA at the Citadel Game Cellar in Groton, CT.  I am not super happy with the colors – they look fine, but don’t really match my mental image of the character.  I’m going to push ahead anyway.

DSC05731 DSC05735