Horrible monsters + googly eyes

Just kind of silly now. Throne of Everblight really goes from “horrific” to “goofy.”


Lord Kozlov, Viscount of Scarsgrad and Lesovik

Kozlov and his [unofficial] character jack, Lesovik.

Paint strategy was zenithal highlight, then red, orange, yellow inks, then red ink again (probably should have skipped that step).  Then Secret Weapon Ruby wash (okay, but not great for wide-open areas on Lesovik; great everywhere else).  Black everywhere that wasn’t red, then metals and black wash, then details.

Butcher 1 and Ruin (Blue Table Painting)

NOTE: this are commissioned pieces painted by Blue Table Painting

DSC06681 DSC06684

Got these guys recently – just in time to get a few games in before Mark III hits.  First game was against a local player who is really good AND he was playing Haley 1.  I might have stood a chance if I’d deployed better, but instead I got annihilated.  Oh well, at least I don’t feel bad about losing a nearly-unwinnable matchup.

Kommandant Irusk – Updates 1 and 2

Kommandant Irusk, who came in a lot I got off a Facebook group.  This is apparently the old model – the newer one is very similar, but the pose is less static than this version.  He’ll be getting tabletop quality as well, which means he’s probably at least 50% done already.  I’m not going to try to put him on the table until MkIII comes out – no need to expand my stable of playable casters any more than it currently is.  (which reminds me, I painted Vlad 1, but forgot to take a picture of him yet).

20160416_071033 20160417_213252 20160417_213303

Warcasters owned (in order of acquisition)

Zerkova 1, Sorscha 2, Irusk 2, Sorscha 1, Vlad 1, Irusk 1

At some point, I will be getting Butcher 1… waiting on Blue Table Painting to ship him to me.

I also have an extra Irusk 1, 2 extra Vlad 1s, one extra Sorscha 1, and several extra Sorscha 1s with Frostfang broken off.