Stormwall (with a K)

Stormwall, which is the same kit as my Hurrikane, with different magnetized bits, plus Stormpods.  The only really notable thing is that I put a little more effor into the TMM on the big guns, which I think makes them look a lot nicer.



Whew, that’s a lot of surface area to cover.  I’ve also got the Stormwall variant coming, but I wanted to get this guy done before the end of the year for the Point-a-Day challenge.

Standard orangy-red South Khador color scheme.  The big anvil on his chassis is made with styrene strips, while the shoulder-pad ones are freehand painted.  Black is highlighted with P3 Coal Black.  Lightning is white + GW blue glaze + white.  Metal is VMA Chainmail Silver and VGA Steel, washed with GW Nuln Oil and drybrushed with VMC Oiled Steel.  VGC Glorious Gold for the anvils, and P3 Bright Brass for the brass parts.  Final highlights on the yellow metals added in some Vallejo Metal Medium.

Base is a Secret Weapon based “Blasted Wetlands” plus 2 part resin water.  The pour had a couple issues, but went mostly okay.  I used a bunch of washes on the base itself to give it a lot of variation.  I also threw some plants and things in there so it wouldn’t look quite so empty.  I also used the AK Interactive swamp gel around his feet  (the lighter color under his left foot is actually some that I didn’t notice hadn’t finished drying yet).


Painting the electrical bits was fun – a nice break from all that red.  It’s Citadel blue glaze applied like a wash over Pure White.  1-3 layers to get desired darkness.  Then highlighted with Pure White.  He has a “failure” swamp base.


The difference between a Charger head and a Lancer head is that there are two tubes coming out the bottom vs one.  Maybe also the “eyebrows”?  Good job, Privateer Press.  I painted the “mouth” a different color to give them some actual differentiation.  He has a successful swamp base.


Non-magnetized Ironclad. A little bit of reposing and some dramatic lighting. The swamp base got messed us after I accidentally added color before mixing the resin water. It came out opaque instead of murky. I thought the color would settle, but it didn’t. I was able to partially fix it by applying swamp gel to the top. (the same product I failed to understand before – at least I got some use out of it).

Embossed Khadoran Anvil

Mk3 Battle Box