Painting the electrical bits was fun – a nice break from all that red.  It’s Citadel blue glaze applied like a wash over Pure White.  1-3 layers to get desired darkness.  Then highlighted with Pure White.  He has a “failure” swamp base.



The difference between a Charger head and a Lancer head is that there are two tubes coming out the bottom vs one.  Maybe also the “eyebrows”?  Good job, Privateer Press.  I painted the “mouth” a different color to give them some actual differentiation.  He has a successful swamp base.


Non-magnetized Ironclad. A little bit of reposing and some dramatic lighting. The swamp base got messed us after I accidentally added color before mixing the resin water. It came out opaque instead of murky. I thought the color would settle, but it didn’t. I was able to partially fix it by applying swamp gel to the top. (the same product I failed to understand before – at least I got some use out of it).

Embossed Khadoran Anvil

Mk3 Battle Box

Cyclone/Defender/Ironclad Heavy Warjack Kit

Or more properly, Kyklone/Defender/Ironklad.  This is the South Khador ‘jack kit from my Mystery Box.  Magnetized so it can be any of the three variants.  “Speed painted” with probably 3-5 hours of work (estimated 20-30 hours for the whole batch).  The swamp base came out well on this guy.  Resin water with some murky green coloring.



Embossed Anvil


South Khador WIPs

Several warjacks assembled for my South Khador army.  These are all from the recent Mystery Box and last November’s Black Friday sale.  I hope to not spend a ton of time on them, so I’ll try to do them all assembly line style.  One heavy kit has been magnetized.