Brun and Lug

Finally finished Brun and Lug!  I’m very happy with how they turned out.  The green backdrop always seems to ruin my pictures, so I might try taking pictures against the purple backdrop.

I’m thinking about making one or both a ReaperCon entry, so I might make some more updates (any suggestions would be welcome!).

Fyanna, Torment of Everblight

Fyanna2 is the newest warlock to join my stable, and one I hope will see some use.  I can assemble a decent army for her now, and am only a few items away from my “perfect” army.  2nd Angelius, Nyss Warlord and Swordsmen UA.  Figuring out how to fit everything in will be a pain.

Fyanna has a mixture of my standard warlock paint scheme along with the strider scheme.  So she gets MSP HD Winter Blue laminate armor, with P3 Quicksilver metal.  As a blighted nyss, she gets MSP Dusky Skin triad, with white/Citadel Druchii Violet wash for hair.  The strider scheme contributes the RPP Elven Green loincloth, MSP Oiled Leather and MSP Linen White straps and wraps.  MSP Bathalian Chitin is used for claws, armor and bone spurs.  MSP Shadow Silver is used on the chain, since the tone is the same as the Quicksilver, but less bright.  The chain was definitely a pain to paint.


As close as my phone will let me get.

img_20170127_205044 img_20170127_205104 img_20170127_205125 img_20170127_205142

Current WIPs

I haven’t been good about posting WIPs, but I have been good about getting a least a little painting done almost every day.  Here’s what’s currently on the table.

Fyanna, Torment of Everblight.  She won’t look nearly so dark once most of that black is covered with silver.

img_20170115_204638 img_20170115_204702

White Lion armor kit from Kingdom Death.  Equipped with dual daggers.  Zenithal primed.

img_20170115_204738 img_20170115_204748 img_20170115_204801

Seraph/Neraph multi-kit.  Head and tail are magnetized.

img_20170115_204831 img_20170115_204851

Angelius.  Trying to to decide what to do about the other two sets of wings.  They’re a giant paint to paint after assembly.


Master Ascetic Naaresh

I painted this guy for the Privateer Press Forums Secret Santa 2016 exchange.  This is a Christmas themed exchange, so Naaresh here got lots of Christmas colors.  I used two of Reaper’s Christmas special edition MSP paints – Christmas Wreath (green) and Ginger Cookie (tan).  Other major colors are MSP Big Top Red and VGC Glorious Gold.

dsc06912 dsc06916 dsc06922

And yes, this dude has bits of [festive] metal stuck into his skin.  Hoksune, I guess.

Current WIPs

Working on Secret Santa/Sophie entries for Privateer forums and Reaper forums.

img_20161106_164152 img_20161106_164203 img_20161106_164230 img_20161106_164317 img_20161106_164345

The iconic Psychic is a fun model – I am actually a little sad I decided to do glowing eyes, because they’re big enough that I might have been able to paint irises.  The water weird will go along with her.  I will be using what I learned in Jen Greenwald’s class on the psychic’s headdress – the camera blew out the white, but there are some decent looking shadows in there.

Naaresh is just weird.  And he’s even weirder in holiday colors.

Also shown is the new backdrop from Hangar 18.  I actually had to redo these photos, because the camera kept trying to focus on the backdrop.

Vayl, Consul of Everblight

Very happy with Vayl. I used the same colors as the rest of my Legion, but her cloak has a lot more light colors, which gives her an overall brighter look.  Lots of silver filigree which unfortunately lost some of its shine to the varnish.  It’s a trade I’m willing to make so it doesn’t all just rub off, but I am understanding more and more why show pieces are often unvarnished.

I never got a chance to play her in Mark II, apparently her theme force was OP by giving discounts on heavy warbeasts that she wanted to take anyway.  Besides losing the theme force, her spell list got changed up and she apparently plays fairly differently now.

DSC06774 DSC06776 DSC06781