Grand Master Gabriel Throne

Leader of the Order of Illumination.  Who let the horse into a tiled room?

Blue: Corporeal Shadow/Desert Sky/Ghost White

Horse Mane: Snakebite Leather?  lots of work after putting it down

P3 Quicksilver, black wash, quicksilver, metal medium

Gehenna’s Gold

Horse… maybe… leather white and Powderburn Brown?  it was a while ago and I didn’t take notes

GW contrast for all the leather and linens

Thamarite Archon

Had a little accident with the matte sealer, and it pooled in some of the recesses.  It is not particularly noticeable if you look at the model, but of course it shows up great in the photos.

Skin is mostly GW Contrast Guilliman Flesh.  Cloak is P3 Sanguine Base, S75 Dark Red, Blood Red then one of the bright reds.  Leathers are S75 Sharpnel Red highlighted with MSP Harvest Brown, and S75 Cookum Copper with Agrax Earthshade.  Gold is… Valeros Gold, maybe.  Wings are GW Contrast Black with a few layers of drybrushing.  Base is a 3d printed deep base with ballast for some texture, then colored resin.  My clear resins are starting to get old, but they are still clear enough for now.  Good to note for the future that they only last for about a year before going bad.

Wings are magnetized for transport

Satyxis Gunslingers

I love these sculpts.  All very unique, sassy poses, perfect for flamboyant colors.  These are the same colors as Severa Blacktide, because she is named Gunslinger character.

MSP Clear Purple 2:1 MSP Clear Magenta for the coats, Clear Magenta for the chest and head pieces.  Clear blue for the pirate pants.  Chainmail Silver for the chainmail, Radiant Platinum for the rest of the steel metals.  Red Shadow/Bright Skin Triad for the skin, Oiled Leather triad for leader and horns, except horns go to P3 khaki something instead of burnt orange.

And here they are with the boss-lady, Severa Blacktide.

Greylords Ternion

Technically Greylords Hexion, since I painted up 2 units

Basically the same colors as the Greylord Outriders, but with some GW Contrast Akhelion Green and MSP Dragon Blue for the flasks, and S75 Amarth Blue for the pattern on the backs of the leaders’ cloaks.