2x Deathripper, Defiler

3 more chickjacks, painted the same way I painted these

Misery Cage

Woo, spooky torture devices!

I used the same Colorshift green as on the Cryx ‘jacks, Gehenna’s gold, and lots of yellow-green glazes.

Midknight Heroes – Witch (1.0)

Version 1.0 is for entry into Golden Kobold

I intend to improve the miniature with feedback I receive with the intent of entering her at ReaperCon 2020

If anyone has constructive feedback they’d like to leave, please use the comments!

I know that her hair needs a bit more blending on the back and in a few spot near the sides – anything else is fair game.

Aidreth Treeborn

Aidreth Treeborn by Artisan’s Guild

First miniatures of the year!

Painted her up quickly for use as a Nymph in Middara. Her fingers didn’t print properly so they’re a big mushy but I decided it was good enough. Primed brown, then zenithal green up to off-white. Hair and leaves with Orc Skin Contrast, other colors with various washes and inks.

A’s Creepy Wolfman

My friend C asked me to paint a HeroForge mini that he created for his wife’s D&D character.  He described the character as having wolf ears and tail, and standing in a particular pose.  Left without a picture or HeroForge link, I attempted to recreate the character in the most awful way I could.  This is the result:

Obviously not worth $30 for them to print it, but worth $4 for the STL (on sale) once I got my own printer.