Grand Master Gabriel Throne

Leader of the Order of Illumination.  Who let the horse into a tiled room?

Blue: Corporeal Shadow/Desert Sky/Ghost White

Horse Mane: Snakebite Leather?  lots of work after putting it down

P3 Quicksilver, black wash, quicksilver, metal medium

Gehenna’s Gold

Horse… maybe… leather white and Powderburn Brown?  it was a while ago and I didn’t take notes

GW contrast for all the leather and linens

Marcher Worlds Dusk Wolf

Fully magnetized!  First loadout of Rail Gun, Rocket Pod, 2x Battle Rifle, Flamethrower, and chainsword, plus both heads that came with Dusk Wolf A (scout and tactical, I think)

First loadout, rail gun, battle rifle, chainsword, tactical (?) cortex.

Nekkid warjack!

Different loadout.  Rocket pod, flamethrower, battle rifle, scout cortex

Marcher Worlds Hunter (Variant)

All my Marcher Worlds and getting Irish/Scottish Gaelic names.  Aoife is named after a sniper in Valkyria Chronicles 4.  Most of the color on this miniature is GW Contrast paint.

  • Base 4:1 (ish) white:neutral primer, ie offwhite in the yellow direction
  • Contrast Militarum Green for armor/cloth
  • Contrast Skeleton Horde for cape
    • Powderburn Brown for cape accents
  • Contrast 3:1 Aethermatic Blue/Talassar Blue for Arc stuff
  • Contrast Snakebite Leather for leather accessories
  • Black / Contrast Black for gun/ARC receiver
    • AP Uniform Grey for edging
  • Skin: mix of MSP Olive and Dark skintones
  • Hair: Tanned leather over dark brown
  • Cameron Tartan: MSP Blood Red, Grass Green w/ Poison Green crossings, Pale Saffron
  • Basing is Vallejo European Mud covered with Frontline Games Grassy Fields flock

14234: Guardian Beast, Crusaders Monster

I started this model probably 4-5 years ago.  I filled in the wing slots with greenstuff, primed it and let it sit.  I got back to it for Jimmy the Brush’s July community challenge to paint a Reaper Warlord miniature.  I decided to paint him metallic with TMM all over the place.  Then I gave him a grassy base for some nice juxtaposition.