South Khador WIPs

Several warjacks assembled for my South Khador army.  These are all from the recent Mystery Box and last November’s Black Friday sale.  I hope to not spend a ton of time on them, so I’ll try to do them all assembly line style.  One heavy kit has been magnetized.


GW Seraphon Spear-lizards

I picked these guys up to paint for a GW paint day at a local store.  I finished them about a month ago, I don’t really remember.  It was kind of a pain to assembly-line them, but they are done.  I put them on 25mm bases, because I figure the most likely use I’ll have for them is in PFRPG games.

Barbarian Force Four

Some barbarians for an upcoming RPG session.  I decided to be a little more creative than brown, brown, brown and brown.

From left to right: Kingdom Death Lion Armor, 02476: Lorna the Huntress, 77055 Anval Thricedamned and 02528: Kara, Female Archer.  I was going to go all Reaper, but realized I actually don’t have that many male barbarian minis.