Grand Master Gabriel Throne

Leader of the Order of Illumination.  Who let the horse into a tiled room?

Blue: Corporeal Shadow/Desert Sky/Ghost White

Horse Mane: Snakebite Leather?  lots of work after putting it down

P3 Quicksilver, black wash, quicksilver, metal medium

Gehenna’s Gold

Horse… maybe… leather white and Powderburn Brown?  it was a while ago and I didn’t take notes

GW contrast for all the leather and linens

Arael, Half Elf Cleric (60005)

This is a gift to my friend Tempest.  This miniature stands out in my mind because it was a gift from my sister (back from when I was still trying to increase the number of unpainted miniatures I owned)

Fairly quick paint job.  I tried using some greens from the S75 Colors of Nature set for his tunic.  The blue belt is Reaper NPP Ocean Blue.  Armor and boots are Contrast paints, while belts are various browns.  Skin is Kyonin Beige then Secret Weapon Flesh Wash, which ended up *way* to yellow, so I highlighted with Kyonin Beige again then gave it a light wash of GW Reikland Fleshshade.  Finished off with gold, silver and basing.

Ursula, Dwarven Bear Rider Captain

Painted for Jimmy the Brush’s May community challenge – “Named Character.”




Had lots of fun painting the blue, as well as painting the hair. The mini itself is very heavy, being solid metal and actually had some damage on the bear’s snout and on her left side bangs (I had to cut new grooves in the metal, you can probably see my clumsy sculpting if you look). Also had a mold line running through her face and across the bear fur.

Fur: Lots of different browns. Started with Daler Rowney Burnt Umber and Vallejo Smokey Ink. Airbrushed the bottom side with darker colors, drybrushed lighter colors on the top. I probably should have gone with a warmer, more saturated brown – didn’t bother to look at bear pictures before I started painting.

Blue: MSP HD Dragon Blue, shaded with GW Drakenhof Nightshade and S75 Eldandil Violet, highlighted with S75 Hykey Yellow, though there are only a few spots where it is pure yellow. This is my first time experimenting highlighting with yellow to try to give the blue a slightly warmer look.

Red Scales: MSP Red Shadow, then S75 Deep Red, Blood Red, Antares Red, Mars Orange.

Hair: MSP Carrot Top Red, Army Painter Red Shade, highlighting up with S75 Hykey Yellow

Leathers: Base of either MSP Lonestar Leather (boots, gloves) or P3 Gun Corps Brown, then highlighting up with Hykey Yellow and P3 Hammerfall Khaki

Armor: TMM, using Vallejo Air Steel, shaded with Drakenhof Nightshade and MSP Blue Liner, highlighted with Vallejo Metal Medium

Base: I started by using Vallejo European Mud, but I overworked it with several layers of paint, so I used Secret Weapon pigments to bring back some of the texture. Grass tufts from Army Painter and little rocky-things from somewhere to complete it.