Eiryss 1 and 2

I could put more effort into them (especially 2) but I don’t want to. Eiryss 1 is one of my oldest Warmachine models and I wanted to finally call her officially painted.



Dwarf Barbarian

from Artisan Guild AMAZONS! Kickstarter, a 3d printed female dwarf barbarian

Mostly painted with Citadel Contrast paint to see if I could get the layer lines to show up, and to see if there was a visible difference between 50 microns and 20 microns on an Elegoo Mars (there wasn’t). This is the 50 micron version.

Midknight Heroes – Witch (1.0)

Version 1.0 is for entry into Golden Kobold

I intend to improve the miniature with feedback I receive with the intent of entering her at ReaperCon 2020

If anyone has constructive feedback they’d like to leave, please use the comments!

I know that her hair needs a bit more blending on the back and in a few spot near the sides – anything else is fair game.

[WIP] Satyxis Blood Witches

Not a WIP in my normal sense – I’ve decided that rather than be intimidated by painting 10 at once I will paint them one at a time, which will be more enjoyable for me. I also painted up the Hag because she was fun to do.




The regulars are magnetized to their bases so they can be Witch Elves if they want to be.  I 3D printed some 25mm bases that their CMON toppers fit into.


Painted this while watching Jimmy the Brush and Princess on Twitch. Fun with weird skin tones! The sculpt wasn’t great, but wasn’t terrible either.

Eliphie is an esper from the Middara board game, a creature from another reality. Her skin was done with mixes of S75 Arphen Jade and MSP Bloodless Skin. Her hair and bag are Citadel Contrast paints (Talassar Blue, Blood Angels Red). The blue patterns on her skin are MSP Frontier Blue. Badger Fresh Blood adorns her bag, heart and blade and has glossy finish.